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Superboy has learned the truth about what he really is…and he’s not taking it well. Alone in New York and surrounded by holiday cheer, it’s a struggle to keep his emotions and his powers in check…and he’s on a crash course with a dangerous pair of murderous young metahumans who are more like him than he might want to admit!

Art by R.B. SILVA and ROB LEAN

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    1. Check out that dudes hand on the right…I know hands are hard to draw, but c’mon…that one hand is waaaay to big!

    2. Whatever; they are metas and they are coming for Superboy! The dude probably has some stretchy powers and the chick probably has some fire based powers; yes? Either way this has been a pretty cool book and we even got Gen 13 out of this already too. Maybe this is where all the expiremental type heroes will come from (this title I mean) Cadmus, etc…..


    3. This and Catwoman have been my 2 surprise hits that came out of the new 52 that i wasnt planning on reading but am loving

    4. Seriously, how GOOD has this been? I had absolutely no interest in this book, and there isn’t a book I look forward too more each month now. I just love it.

    5. What an interesting title. You wouldn’t this they’d take such a strange approach to a book with a “super” character. The pacing is based entirely on Superboy’s very slow development into a moral entity, and we’re along as he makes every hateable decision in the book. He beat up carollers, for chrissakes!

      And yet, I am really enjoying this. I knw where it’s going, but the path they’re taking is fascinating.

    6. I was disappointed with this issue, especially at the end when it appears this book will be completely intertwined with Titans, which I refuse to read after reading the horrible first issue. I’m very sad to say I’ll be waiting to get #5 at a discount price to see if I’m wasting my money not buying Titans buy buying this.

    7. Another very good issue from Superboy and freinds! Thats what the title of this should be; and it is a good thing. I like the way we get to watch the development of our Superboy as well as the rest of the characters. I thought he was supposed to be up against the Titans this issue? The next one than which is fine since I am having fun with this title and I like it’s development and the artwork!!


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