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• Part one of a crossover with RESURRECTION MAN!

• DEADSHOT, the marksman with a death wish, battles the unkillable RESURRECTION MAN… it’s gonna get violent!

• Continued in this month’s RESURRECTION MAN #9!

Written by Adam Glass
Pencilled by Federico Dallocchio
Inked by Federico Dallocchio
Lettered by Jared K Fletcher

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Only thee best comic book in my list month to month!! I am so excited to read this and it really does make my Wednesday when this out.
    If you are not reading this you really gotta give it a try and if you dropped it to soon re-read it or get the trade this is one hell of a title!!


  2. Pretty awesome title, not keen on that I have to get Resurrection Man for the cross-over, but I just wanna find out who the traitor is?

  3. BLAH! wish they wouldnt have teased me with the jokers face. THATS ALL I WANT TO FREAKING FIND OUT ABOUT!

  4. Im not getting Ressurection Man so i hope its not terrible how this ends off.

    • lol, I’m the opposite! I’m loving Resurrection Man and have dropped off Suicide Squad with issue 2.

  5. I can’t believe I am still trying to read Resurrection Man, I just think his supporting cast in the first few issues were really neat and he was just really non-exsistent and I had no intrest for him. Eventually, like about three issues ago it started to tweek me intrest again and then last issue was such a bore again. Up and down with Resurrection Man, Suicide Squad is the ultimate complete oppisite for me; can’t wait each month for this title to come out, yet some how I barely make it. No worries for me, I guess I will finish up the old Ressurection Man after this issue and drop the title!! Maybe the Squad can help breath some life into his title (no pun intended or was there, HA!), as much as I would like that I doubt it.
    SS is my favorite comic book right now from all comics; past and present we can only hope for a kick assery furture.


    • Yeah, I can totally see your point with Ressurection Man’s supporting cast. The book started out a lot different from the original run back in the 90’s but now I’m not sure if they’re dropping all of that with a jump to a new storyline that almost mimics the older stuff

  6. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    This crossover totally worked on me. I’m getting Resurrection Man just because it ties in with this book. But then, I usually do that kind of thing. I’m a sucker for a crossover, good or bad.

  7. Well this title is still my raining champ and has taken POW again for me. I thought with the crossover with Resurrection Man was going to hurt my favorite title, instead I think it may have given some life to the Resurrection Man title. I am so happy the way they played the Harley Quinn character and I really loved her character before but now; she is just so much fun and the deepness of her character is really starting to take some deep roots and I love it!!


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