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“The Hunt for Harley Quinn” starts here!

After causing a prison riot and escaping an “escape-proof” supervillain penitentiary, the maniacal Harley Quinn is on the loose! The race is on as Deadshot – leading an all-new Suicide Squad – tracks his former teammate as Harley hunts the love of her life: the Joker!

Plus: Don’t miss the unofficial crossover with STORMWATCH #6, tying into the explosive events of that issue!

Written by ADAM GLASS

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. This is officially has become in my mind thee best comic title out there! Harley on the loose is going to be crazy and what about her little romp with Deadshot how does that fair with Mr. J???? King Shark is flaking out and I really wanna see where this goes since he has become a very intresting character here in the New DCU. Is it possible that King Shark is really just mutating to a more savage version and well than no one is safe not even the team?. Wednesday can not get here fast enough!!


  2. OOOppps! You get the idea….
    Just way to excited about this title I guess.


  3. sounds and looks interesting. i’m giving this a go

  4. Im really hoping this is going to tie back in to Detective #1 because im dying to know what the hell is up with Jokers face.

  5. TheRealVenom- I think that would be perfect, I like the way you think!!
    sitara119- You will not be sorry, seriously this to me is probably thee best title out there. Since issue one it has taken up where the hole would have been after the reboot where The Secret Six was. There is humor, adventure, action, drama, insanity, and just everything a comic fan could possibly want. I think you will be very happy.
    I really hope more people start picking this up it really gets the juices flowing!! Blood usually; HA!


  6. I know its wierd but, Harley is hot in new outfit or old does’nt matter!! I think the new outfit has really grown on me.


  7. that cover is an homage to a classic cover isn’t it? this is going to bug me all day

  8. WOW!! This has been so crazy since issue one and this countinues to deliver month in and month out. Harley is a lot smart than we give her credit for sometimes, which we should she has an educated background. The decoys worked wonderfully since I bet even Deadshot did not expect something that complex from her. King Shark is really freaking me out I really wanna know what the deal is and what has got him acting this way. I have no intrest in Light and Lime so that was really the only thing in the issue that bothered me but; very little since this is my POW!!!!!


    • King Shark was acting crazier than normal because he was dry. They kept him too dry in prison and the rain in Gotham helped him get some of wits back. This issue rocked so hard! I had never heard of Harley before reading this series and it’s so cool to see where she came from. (I’m kinda new to DC and particulary Batman)

    • @jollyboy I really enjoyed the flash back stuff too.

  9. Holy crap! I’m officially going to stop trying to drop this book. I have tried for months saying naw this is my last issue because I don’t have enough money to keep it on my list but every stinking month it just keeps getting better! Never thought I would be reading Suicide Squad six months later! Surprised and happy. 4.5/5 Just fucking great.

    P.S. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH THE JOKER’S FACE! I dropped detective months ago I guess according to this they still haven’t answered this in Detective uh?

    • I agree. I came in not wanting to like this book but each issue was solid enough to bring me back. Kudos to the creative team.

    • I dumped detective after the 2nd penguin issue. No answer there. I assume when we know we’ll see tons of * in the rest of the batbooks saying “HEY CHECK OUT COMIC X #Y TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO JOKERS FACE!!!”

  10. That was one helluva fun issue…I gave it a shot as everyone who commented seems to think this book is amazing and based on this issue alone I am gonna agree….it’s wicked and fun…I am in.

  11. Seeing Yo-Yo still inside King Skark asking for help was soooo creepy. This may not be as great as Secret Six but damn it’s really fucking close. POTW

  12. Amen to all of my new Squad friends!!
    Jollyboy-Good call, I can’t believe I did’nt even see that part on The King Shark issue.
    Thompsonlive-No the whole Joker Face thing still has not revealed its self yet completely and I have a feeling it’s not what we think.


    • you were absolutely right, flash. i was very impressed with this issue. i am officially on board.
      let me ask you something. whats your take on harley? her outfit, personality, all of it. the reason i ask is because i was on the dc histories article featuring harley and some people were really ripping into her saying she’s (aside from being a mass murdering fuckhead) nothing but a trashy slut because of the way she dresses and apparently her NEW attitudes make her a total whole. saying that deadshot makes fun of her while he fucks her and some other things that seemed a little harsh to me if not out of line. however, this was my first issue so i dont really know what they’re talkn’ about.
      you seem to be an open minded fellow so i was hoping for a less bias opinion from someone who doesnt hate sexually provocative women.
      can you help me out?

    • I know this wasn’t address to me but if I can put down my two cents. Harley has a deep attraction to strong willed men, so she is instantly attractive to Dead Shot because he’s a take control kinda guy. She uses her charm to get him to make out with her but they don’t fuck beause it gets interupted. Personal I think she uses her sexuality as a weapon the same way she dumbs down her personality to throw people off guard. She is by no means a moron she was a psychologists so she has great insight into people’s minds. It is weird that in 2012 people still get upset over women who are sexual but not with men???? Personal Ilike sexually provocative women in literature and in the real world but that’s just me.

  13. @walter
    ya know, i thought it might be something like that and that those guys were exaggerating. i also like that type of woman as well as a few other types. i’ve never been that judgemental of people’s personal choices or lifestyle selections.
    and your right, nobody ever gives someone like daredevil a hard time for being a pussy hound. as a matter of fact, we love him for it.

    • i’ll be sure to start with issue one and decide for myself as to how i feel about her. i’m very hopeful. thanks for the incite Walter

    • @sitara , no problem man

    • sitara119- Sorry it took me a while I have been busy. What walterwhite explained was dead on and even I agree with him. As far as the other people making comments about her they are mostly upset because of her costume change I think and the fact that she can be attracted to any one other then Mr. J. I think the new costume is very cool and it did take me awhile to really like it however; I think this costume gives her a little more respect as a character than the old one. Either way, she is very sexy and she knows it and like most handsome or sexy individuals they use that to thier advantage as well as her playing the dim-wit game. She is very much intellegent and she knows what she is cable of and well we will see more back story about her in then next few issues which may help you make your own opinion on Harley!!
      walterwhite- Great answer I agree 100% with you!!
      The sexually provocative woman that Harley is, I enjoy very much and also shows impowerment!! You say impowerment how? Think about this for a moment, like sitara stated DD can be a pussy hound and it is exceptable, in society men sleep around and they are dogs and usually not ridicualed as much as if a woman were sleeping around. Why this double standard and if a man or a woman have a sexual appetite as long as it is in the legal limits why does it bother so many people in this new miilenia?? Look at all of the wars, drugs, rape, famine, and still another idiotic thing racisim. Now remember this just comic books and this is a fantasy land and for some it is a great escape from the real world.
      I do’nt know if I really made any sense but; Harley, Catwoman, and many other female characters are what they are and if you don’t like it don’t read it. Batwoman is a lesbian and some people like it, some people like it for different reasons and some people dislike her. I love a sexual female character bi or straight and thate me, its fun and fantasy!! For male characters I prefer the real hero although every now and again I like the bad boy hero as well, like a LOBO!!
      Thanks again walterwhite for probably making more sense than me, I agree with you!!
      sitara119- enjoy and if you are like me, she really gives this title that extra added fantasy!!


    • @flash

      thanks for the thoughts. happy to know you are a progessive thinker. i look forward to catching up on this series. oh, and by the way, Lobo rocks

  14. Awesome! I KNEW it would tie into jokers face! hot damn im excited to know what is going to happen with that!!!

    Now i just need to decide this or batman and robin for POTW. Tough call!

  15. Oh wow this comic just wont stop. Amazing again. If you haven’t tried Suicide Squad yet get it quick, you have no idea what you’re missing.

  16. I thought it was funny when Harley says “we had downtime too” as she walks into a room with a bullseye above the bed with knives and a fucking axe hanging out of it. What the fuck is Joker’s “downtime?” So good! This series has been fun.

  17. Well I went back and got the first 5 issues. Not to mention emailed my lcs adding it to my pull list with the title being “I <3 Harley Quinn"

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