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Super-Villain prison riot! After returning from a string of hellish missions, the surviving members of the Suicide Squad are forced to undertake one last task: stop an all-out riot inside Belle Reve Penitentiary, the roughest Super-Villain prison on the planet!

Written by ADAM GLASS

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. This has been one hell of a book. Great art and some really fun story telling . Looking forward to the Harley Quinn arc.

  2. Should have more pulls. It’s a very fun dark book.

  3. I absolutely love it, I don’t understand why it’s pull numbers have been going down.

  4. yeah i really like this comic…fun stuff with a simple formula. Not too continuity heavy….its refreshing.

  5. I’m still not sure about how I feel about this title.

  6. Eveyone above except Boomergirl said what I was thinking. When I look over my to read stack of single issues, I always hope a Suicide Squad I have not read yet is some how in the pile.

  7. JL, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Suicide Squad are my top five comics!! Not always in that order either since, it all depends on the story and whats going on. I can easily say that it is these four I will continue to read from here on out!
    Suicide Squad has been a pleasure to the eyes and the mind through out every issue since the first, the character interaction has been very well planned and feels like they have been together forever or known of each other that long. The Harley arc is going to be tremendous, I can feel it.


  8. Ugh. I can’t seem to drop this book! Every time I think, this will be the issue I will get to drop it and have some breathing room on my pull list but NO it reels me back in! Geez I need more money for comics

    • That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling about this title. But I think it finally it clicked for me and now I can’t believe I wanted to drop it.

  9. Again another fantastic issue!! I can honestly say this has moved into the #2 spot of my favorite comics right now behind JL. If you are not reading this or have not tried it this will be the way to go!! POW and POM this time!!


  10. Pick of the week this week; this wrapped up this storyline splendidly, and the set up for the next issue has me very excited.

  11. This was another great issue. If you aren’t reading this, you’re missing out on a darkly fun book. It was cool to see El Diablo finally cut loose and show what a bad ass he is. It would be nice if we could get a stable team that would last more than a couple of issues, but part of the schtick is having somebody buy the farm in almost every issue. That could work out to be really humorous if done right. This next arc looks great, too.

  12. I’m figuring yo-yo is probably still alive… I can already imagine his triumphant return, he will probably look like SHIT. King Shark is the only character I would truly be pissed off about killing off. FUN FUN STUFF.

  13. anybody who doesn’t like this book or drops it should also get eaten by King Shark as far as i’m concerned! Squad fans are welcomed over at this site:

  14. King Shark was awesome!! Did not even really move for his appearance in this issue, “MISH. MISH”. Yo-Yo gone!!!!
    Bwaaah-hahaha-hahaha-haha-ha!! Harley you crazy b#tch; I just love her to death in this new DCU and she is just gaining steam!! Everyone knows where she is headed!! Deadshot has sh#t for luck and really seems to be f#cked up from the word go.


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