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Suicide Squad is sent on a mission to take down a dictator who is planning to create his own metahuman army. But what the Squad doesn’t know is that he already has a batch of super-powered soldiers ready to defend him—cue the mayhem!

Plus, the true nature of Waller’s new deal with the team is revealed!

Written by Ales Kot
Art by Patrick Zircher
Cover by Jason Pearson

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I’m sad this is Kot’s last issue. A mere 4 issue run sucks. I will be dropping it.

    Maybe I will give Kindt a chance but most of what I’ve read by him kinda bores. I better get use to it, though, because it seems like DC and Marvel are going to have him writing all of their books in the near future.

    • I’ll be on for Kindt’s issues, but yeah, Kot was a pick from Heaven on this book. And this might be my last ditched effort to dig Kindt. I read all of Revolver and it didn’t make an impression, read a few Mind MGMT issues and they were better but not amazing to me, and I wasn’t really excited when he filled in on Sweet Tooth.

      Anyways as long as I’m reading Kindt I hope he brings Martian Manhunter in to guest star.

      So yeah, Kindt is definitely hot shit right now, but Kot could be too if he got a longer run. Both are way better than Glass.

    • I think Glass was pretty good at the start but he really lost his way later on. The book had no direction and it was a shame. Now it’s going to have it’s third direction so far, which sadly seems to be commonplace for most of the New 52, and is why I have lost interest in so many DC books as of late – and I am not anti-New 52 at all.

  2. Great Jason Pearson cover!

  3. The King Shark / Deadshot “smiling” exchange was probably the funniest moment in comics this week (if not the whole series). Sucks that Kot is leaving. cue frowny face 🙁

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