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• New team members, new direction, new creative team!

• After the shocking events of issue #19, the team returns to Belle Reve to lick their wounds and bury their dead—but when they find out what’s waiting for them at the prison, they’ll wish they were back out in the field!

• Plus: Who are the two killers Amanda Waller has recruited to shake things up, and what are their true motives for joining the team?

Story by Ales Kot
Art by Patrick Zircher
Colors by Jason Keith
Letters by Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by Jason Pearson

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I hope this is good. This book has really dropped off in fun over the months. Never read anything by Kot, so I have no expectations. If it leaves me cold I’m ready to move on, like I did by dropping Red Hood and Birds of Prey after their new creative teams. Feels like DC’s middle/lower tier books are sadly losing their steam.

    • Kot did mini series for Image that I really, really loved called Change. With that said his style and ambition is super weird and out there in ways that would make Grant Morrison blush, at least it was in Change so I’m not sure this is the type of book that your typical new 53 reader is looking for (no shots) With that said you should give it a few issues. It may take you to a really cool place that you weren’t expecting. Maybe flip through Change first to get an idea of where he’s coming from.

  2. I read a few issue of the first 6, then check out last ish for my man the Unknown Soldier. The script was a mess, but I’ll give Kot a shot. If it doesn’t hook me, I’m out even though I dig the Unknown Soldier,

  3. Change was an awesome miniseries, so might give this a shot. I hope it’s a great jumping on point since I never read any of the previous issues.

    • I really loved Change to but I’m curious how that will transfer over to a DC comic. Really hoping he can do his thing on this and make some magic.

  4. Cool cover!

  5. I’ll give it a whirl. DC’s midlist books need more personality, hopefully Kot is being given the room to make SS interesting.

  6. Can`t wait! I`ve stuck around since issue 1 and really excited for this new creative team. Really hope it`s better then Adam Glass which derailed after issue the Harley Quinn origin

  7. This writer on this book has the potential to produce something near the level of Morrison’s “Doom Patrol” run.

    Now, I’m not saying it’s going to get there, or even if it is there editorial will give it the space something like that needs. In fact, I’d go as far to say I’d be shocked if this was anywhere near as good as Morrison’s Doom Patrol. Bu no matter how small the odds are, the potential is still there. How many other DC books can you say that about. (Actually, I think Dial H has been pretty freaking great, but still)

  8. So how do we feel about Ales Kot’s first issue on a big two book?

    • I thought it was pretty damn good. I look forward to seeing what he does with this. I welcome new blood, but they can be hit or miss. This was a hit.

    • It can be hard to transfer from creator owned to big two super hero. Lord knows guys that have done tremendous independent work like Cullen Bunn, Nathan Edmondsun and Nick Spencer have had a hard time translating that to more traditional style of comic book with an editorial team that has corporate interest to look out for. Kot’s last book Change was super weird and I’m surprised that he seems to be getting such a positive reaction from everyone but that also makes me happy. Glad you liked it dude. Hopefully this can build into something special over time.

  9. Wow, just wow.

    Kot & Zircher with a brilliant first issue, tense to the point of scary, witha last page that puts WTF Month to shame:)

    In a weird way, as close to Secret Six as we’ve gotten in the New52.

  10. All I know of Kot is Change and Wild Children. That said both works left enough of an impression on me that I will buy anything that dude writes regardless of the book. I have no idea what the premise of suicide squad is or who any of the team members are but I’m in.

    And Zircher on art is just the incredibly delicious icing on top. Top of the stack for sure

  11. consafo80 consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    hearing good things about this so will give it a go. hope it’s good as would like a Harley Quinn book on my pull list.

  12. This was great. Writer & artist both delivered.

  13. This was AWESOME. I was planning on cutting this from my pull list. But now, I’m back in. Awesome art and a story that was twisted enough to make you say WTF at the end. Kot could be the beginning of greatness for this book, up with Secret Six if it pans out. 5/5

  14. consafo80 consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    well I really liked it will add to my pull list next time I’m in comic shop.

  15. This was really good but I miss the humor that Glass brought to the title. He would make me laugh out loud. I hope we see more humor in the future. And how did James Jr survive what happened to him in Batgirl? They must have used the same stuff on him they used on Deadshot. It’s strange seeing James Jr on a title that isn’t a Bat Title too. I will be interested to see where this goes.

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