• Harley continues her rather unpleasant reunion with The Joker!

• Has the violent life of the Squad finally claimed Deadshot?

Story by Adam Glass
Art by Fernando Dagnino
Colors by Matt Yackey
Letters by Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by Ken Lashley & Matt Yackey

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Josh Elliott12/15/12NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. This may be it for me on this title. The pace of this book has really slowed down and I’m not caring about the character too much anymore. It was a great start, but my interest has fizzled.

  2. i only meant to thumb thru this today at the shop, but i couldn’t stop reading. i liked it. the last page where you learn she wasn’t the first sidekick is shockingly eerie.
    i’ve often argued that Mr J truly loves Harley. NOT this Joker incarnation. cold blooded(of course).

  3. Wierd that this doesn’t have the Death of the family banner on it. Everything else does

  4. I think this is it for me, and I’ve been with this book since #1. This was a mess. Joker and Harley both are so out of character. This was almost as bad as the Catwoman tie in.

    • Yeah Suicide Squad and Catwoman have been really disappointing to me as well lately. Been with them both since issue #1 but the past few issues of these series has just been…meh. I might be dropping both of these series soon.

  5. *Spoilers*

    This was just ok. This whole Joker and Harley story was just him abusing her basically. I will be glad to get back to normal Suicide Squad missions.

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