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• THE SQUAD’S traitor is revealed!

• BASILISK takes the fight to AMANDA WALLER’S home turf!

Written by Adam Glass
Art by Fernando Dagnino
Cover by Ken Lashley

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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I love this book! Can’t wait to read this. Here is a preview….

  2. Sorry, but sexy slim Amanda Waller = FAIL.

    • That’s old news man. I hardly think a single character redesign merits the book being poor. It has had issues as it has tried to develop but overall I look forward to this book every single month.

    • Maybe she is Amanda Waller Junior and her “Nana” is the original who is about to get the knife to the throat

  3. This started off as one of my favorite of the New 52. The first 4 issues were all POTW worthy but God, has it gone off the rails in the worst possible, least fun way.

    • I think the first few issues we weren’t sure who would get killed and who would stay alive. Now they’re slowing down for a mystery and it’s just not as exciting. Harley’s taken a back seat, and Deadshot is more the protagonist than ever. Hopefully it gets back to feeling like an ensemble book where anybody can die in any issue.

  4. I liked seeing Boomerang in this issue. The whole thing seemed like one giant fight though. That kinda got old. But even with that I still loved this issue and still am liking the series. Deadshot really makes the team.

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