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Price: $3.99
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  1. No previous interest in SM, but this series rocks!  errie and beautiful.  reminiscent of Heart of Darkness.

  2. Sad this one doesn’t get as much attention as Magneto’s mini. Deep-sea adventures rock, death camps .. not so much.

  3. Too expensive.

  4. @JumpingJupiter


    it is worth it with the extra heavy cover stock, and the really really nice paper they use inside.. this is a quality book inside and out. 



  5. What burn said!

  6. this looks pretty cool artwise. Cool gay cover. Where do I know the name Peter Milligan from?

  7. @ kymsoke – He wrote some Batman stuff at some point, but I was a huge fan of his X-Force/ X-Statix books with Mike Allred.

  8. What Spooky said!

  9. @burn: Image does the same thing AND puts all the ads in the back (sometimes no ads at all) and they charge $3.50.

    No go.

  10. I’m enjoying this series a lot, but don’t think anyone’s life will be incomplete not reading it.

    Hadn’t realized this was so expensive…hmmm $20 for the series, huh?  Will the TPB be less?

    Guess who finally shows up!

  11. This is easily the best Namor-related story I’ve ever read. If only he could be always be written like this.

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