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Superstar writer Greg Rucka (DETECTIVE COMICS, QUEEN & COUNTRY) continues his brand new creator-owned series! Dex is hot on the trail of the missing Charlotte Suppa, but the closer she gets, the more people shoot at her. Why is Charlotte on the run and what did she do to garner the attention of the Marenco crime family?

By Greg Rucka & Matthew Southworth

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.6%
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  1. Yay!

  2. Finally! I feel that its been forever since #1 came out. This is the perfect example of a great PI story, and also a great noir one.

  3. @comicBOOKchris: You’re right about it being a great PI book, but I don’t see this as a noir book at all. That word is getting thrown around way too much.

  4. Anyone know how long this series is supposed to run for?

  5. @conor: I feel the phrases "noir book" and "crime book" get interchanged alot during discussions, but I dont feel that to be the case here. If anything, Dex is at least a noir lead character, as I saw glimpses of a Dashiell Hammett PI in her. 

  6. @Ruo21-A series of 4-issue arcs, but I haven’t heard of how long Rucka plans on doing this for.

    I liked the first issue a lot, but plan on waiting for the trade now. I think it will read more better that way.

  7. I mention Dashiell Hammett since he’s the author of this type of genre I’ve read the most of, but Dex also reminds me of Marlowe from The Big Sleep and, incidentally, The Dude from The Big Lebowski in the way she stumbles into the details about her case. There’s a certain haphazardness about all these lead characters that she possesses as well.

  8. @ Drake- So we’re expecting something similar to the way Criminal or Locke and Key is released? An arc is finished, and then a minor respite is had by all.

  9. does anyone else feel a ittle disappoint by the lack of multiple amputees in a book called "Stumptown"

    Sorry, terrible joke.

    Very excited for this issue. really enjoyed the first

  10. I could remember Rucka promising his readers that there wouldnt be any late issues in Stumptown in a podcast. but stumptown #1 was awesome so i forgive him.

  11. Loved the first issue. Very much like Rockford Files, which is to say, great P.I. story. but this is not noir at all.

  12. @mansuper – Stumptown wasn’t really late. It’s just that Diamond didn’t ship last week, which is when Stumptown WOULD Have come out (and been on time). So no fault to Rucka & Co. Larger forces were at work… 😉

  13. Yeah… I can’t say I see any connection between Marlowe and Dex.

  14. Loved the first issue. Don’t know whether to pick this up or trade wait

     mmmmmn decisions decisions….

  15. Can’t wait!!!

  16. Kick-ass is making me reconsider how I purchase comics (yes I know, different book) I no longer have the patience nor the willingess to shell out more money for individual issues that are not easy to pass around to my family/friends later on. This pretty much just became a trade wait book for me because in the end the trade will be cheaper and I’ll have a great collected book that I can pass around to my brothers that can’t afford comics right now anyways.


  17. @Noto:

    Dex and Marlowe are pretty similar. Both pretty much slum it when it comes to their personal lives, and despite beinging competant PIs, they usually fall ass backwards into trouble instead of detecting it beforehand. All the attributes I listed above is pretty major stuff that both share. Its just when people think of Marlowe, they think of Bogart being gruff and gritty, which is far and away from what he is. Let me put it this way…do you see a connection between Marlowe and The Dude from The Big Lebowski? Because he pretty much IS Marlowe, even though he doesnt have any of the misconceived attributes people think he has

  18. @cBc, I’ve never seen The Big Lebowski.

  19. @Noto:

    Its the Cohen Bros pseudo-remake of The Big Sleep. You should definitely see it right away, since:

    a) Its one of the funniest movies of our generation.

    b) Its not a blatent remake, as it cleverly hides the fact that its a PI story. Even though The Dude, a California stoner slacker, is the least likely guy youd expect to be a charactature of a noir lead, he IS Marlowe and shares almost all his attributes. Its these ones that I find similar to Dex.

  20. I picked up the 1st issue, and I liked it, but I read it, then completely forgot about it. So I don’t think I’ll be picking it up. It must not grab me.

    Plus my store doesn’t get it. I was out of town and picked it up on a whim to read on the train.

  21. Sad my store didn’t get this.

  22. Argh! My store didn’t have it this week. Dang!!

  23. My store didn’t get it ether. . . I hate my life.

  24. Also waiting for the trade, though I did read the first issue and it was really freakin’ good.


  25. This is worth getting if for no other reason than Mathew Southworth’s essay at the end.

  26. This comic is fantastic.

  27. I didn’t feel this was quite as good as the first issue, as this one was lacking a bit of charm. Still, we learned a lot and the writing and art were both very sharp and on point. Loving the look and feel of this book, and the backmatter is greatness as well. 5/5.

  28. Better than the first issue and that article in the back was superb.

  29. 95% of this comic was awesome, but there was one problem with the art …


    Near the end, when Dex follows Oscar Marenco to the cafe’, there’s three or four panels that are so unclear that I don’t know what happened. He drags someone out of the cafe’ (either Isabel Marenco or Charlotte Suppa?) … then all of a sudden, Dex is following Isabel Marenco into a hotel (??). I’m guessing it was meant to be Isabel being dragged out, but her clothes totally change from page to page, so I’m not sure.

    If you guys can let me know how you saw these pages, that’d be cool.

    Also, anyone who skipped the back-matter should go back & read it. It’s a really interesting look into a comic artist’s way of thinking. Well worth the read.

  30. OK … thanks! lol

  31. Did the series get cancelled or are they just late?

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