Luther tries to rescue Petra, and things end bloody. Meanwhile, Pete and Luther’s Mom are left alone to face something unimaginably worse. Not everyone gets out of this issue alive.

The penultimate issue of the hit series.

Read The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #5 on Graphicly:

Story by Justin Jordan
Art by Tradd Moore
Cover by Tradd Moore

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Image you have yourself another hit title is what I would tell the company if I could! I am so hoping after this mini they make this an on going series. This is a tuff ass book and not for the squeamish, blood and guts and body parts and sexy and wow just great wet artwork; perfect.


  2. JoeCom said it all … Hells Yeah!
    This book is everything a good comic should be!

  3. This book was so fucking awesome. It felt so …tough, the whole time. Really, really cool.

  4. wow wow wow wow …. since reading the 1st issue im hooked the num 1 comic i look 4ward to every month and cant wait for the next mini to come out on my pull and pre-order list fuking awasome stuff……

  5. This was about to be POW for me if it was’nt for the Red Lanterns however I will give it POM without a doubt and this series should be best of the year without a doubt.
    From reading the back of the issue to opening to the first page you felt the tension and the violence does make sense in this comic and makes you feel the severity of why. I mean it is realism ar its best, you get some crazy powers it seems from a simple mail away in the pages of a comic and the next thing you know your a super! Learning to use and control your powers and that much strength can not be easy at all. Then your a teenager who has had his ass handed to him for most of his teen life and then pubirty. Now you could easily become a raging bull, someone hurts or threatens a loved one, you rack yourself BAM! You explode, just like you would a normal teen however now; you can chop peoples skulls and bones in half with a chop when before you could give out a bruise or two. Put your fist through a entire human body when before you would put holes in dry wall. The extreme violence really brings out a valued effect and again the severity and danger of having said powers. Just a very brilliant comic all the way around and again my vote for best comic of the year last year and now this year for right now.


  6. Holy Shit, this was good. It’s rare that you actually feel tension through out an entire issue, but they fuckin’ pulled it off. Love it, love it, love it, etc.

  7. Agreed. This has been a fantastic series.

  8. All the praise this book is getting is well deserved. This series is completely batshit insane in the greatest way possible! This comic is the first one I read from my pile of new comics, every time it comes out. Image is kicking all kinds of ass these days and this book is a perfect example why.

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