Join award-winning storyteller Scott Morse as he hurtles the varied worlds of our popular culture through time and space, their collision resulting in a most unique amalgam of Strange Science Fantasy! Untold tales of gods like the Headlight, the Shogunaut, the Projectionist, G.I.Gantic, and the Foolish Fling will merge into a fantastic new tome of pop-culture as religion, and you, dear readers, will be the first to take communion! Also, this volume collects all six one-page tales by the critically-acclaimed comics juggernaut, Paul Pope, done exclusively for SSF!

Story by Scott Morse
Art by Scott Morse and Paul Pope
Cover by Scott Morse

Price: $24.99
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  1. This book was fantastic!  Like pure pulpy poetry.

  2. This was awesome

  3. My favorite surprise/out-of-nowhere/unfortunately ‘under the radar’ series of last year! I really hope this gets some much deserved attention now that it’s collected!

  4. Seems kind of pointless to say it, but, yeah, this was really damn good.

  5. Yup. 

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