Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard arrested the wrong man when he locked Leather Apron up for the murders of several Whitechapel prostitutes. Jack the Ripper is still on the loose and, worse, appears to be in league with powerful forces that have a vested interest in keeping him in business. Adye once again turns to the imprisoned Dr. Henry Jekyll for help. Will their unholy alliance redeem our hero from his arrogant mistakes, or push him even closer to the edge of the abyss Jekyll calls home?

* Featuring art by exciting newcomer M. S. Corley!

* Weaving together the Jack the Ripper legend with elements of the classic tale of Jekyll and Hyde.

Cole Haddon, M. S. Corley, Jim Campbell

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  1. Really underappreciated Dark Horse mini-series.  I’ve really enjoyed it.  Each issue is dense, you get a lot of story out of it (where most people complain that it’s too much reading, but it’s four issues instead some something most writers would extend out to 6-8 issues if it were from a big publisher) and it’s an intriguing story.  I see a lot of similarity to this and the Hannibal Lector stories.

  2. Lately, I’ve tried a lot of series with intriguing premises, but unimaginative execution.

    This is not one of those series.  It’s been excellent!

    I’m very glad I gave this book a chance.  The second issue actually built on the first in plot and characterization.  And the art is a perfect complement to the story.

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