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  1. this book is so good and nobody is picking it up to realize what they are missing

  2. It is a good book, but this wasn’t the best issue.  I miss Gage’s run on here.  This one just didn’t seem to have much energy to it.



    Ok, I love the Incubites but it was a little weird to have them featured in 3 separate titles this month.  Just saying is all.  Anyway, good action filled issue but I thought we were going to see The Authority already?  Yes, I realize they’re on the cover to Stormwatch #18 but it just seems like King and Trelane have already talked a couple of times about contacting them and each time it’s seemed like that was what was going to happen next.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun issue but I think if nothing else what all the titles this month (except Wildcats) seemed to have established is that the Incubites are a real threat that are spreading to each corner of the WSU.  But personally, I’m ready to see something else now.  Did anyone else get a Battlestar Galactica vibe when Christine talked about the baby being born aboard Skywatch III?  It was a cool moment but very reminiscent of the kind of thing happening in BSG.  Anyway.  I look forward to the crossover with The Authority next month.

    As for the back-up story.  I love how the Missile Man story ended.  Overall I think it was one of the better back-ups. We got a really cool new character.  We saw that Miles Craven had his hand in the Number of the Beast program (surprise, surprise).  And we got a hint of what’s going on with The Paladins and their rally against the powers that imprisoned them.  I’m very excited to see where this story goes next. 



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