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    I thought overall it was a good issue.  I was kind of surprised the problem with the War Golem was resolved so quickly.  But having that man being the power source of the machine and him being stuck in a “Matrix-like” state was a nice touch to the story.  It did seem that Deathblow, Flint, Link, Fuji, and Drake got into the Golem quickly and with no problems but I realize it’s probably the page count that called from them to not go through a huge ordeal to get into the thing.  It was also no surprise that Jon Drake decided to leave at the end.  As much as it would have been cool for him to stay, there was no real reason for him to do so now that his mission was complete.  But at least we know he’s out there for future stories.  And next up we have Stormwatch crossing over with The Authority.  That one should be cool.

    The Cybernary back-up story set up New Gamorra which I thought was a great spectacle watching the island rise from the sea.  I wonder if it’s mobile now or if it’s simply floating above the water.  And the fact that they added the note that this set-up will be continued in the pages of The Authority was a nice little tease.  Overall, I think this back-up did a great job of getting these characters into the mix while at the same time setting up an interesting story that’s already shows it’s going to have relevance in the monthly titles.



  2. When are we gonna get a TEAM 7 series?

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