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They’ve come to steal Earth’s gravity! When a scientific experiment tears a hole in the barrier between dimensions, gravity miners from a forbidden universe invade our world!

Can Stormwatch – with their ranks depleted after the cataclysmic events of last issue – find a way to repel alien excavators that shred our reality with every touch?

Art and cover by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA
B&W Variant cover by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. HAHAHAHAHA……no.

  2. I’m going to buy this issue and give it a fair chance, but I don’t think I’m sticking with Stormwatch. Maybe there will be an Earth-2 Stormwatch?

  3. One issue. That’s it.

  4. I’ll come back for pete milligan but never shall I read jenkins.

  5. I’m still trying to get the bad taste of Prelude to Schism out of my mouth.
    I’ll wait for Milligan.

  6. On the fence, I adored Cornell’s run but nervous bout Milligan taking over.

  7. This title will stay with me only because I need to know what is going on with Martian Manhunter, Apollo and the Midnighter. I really like those characters and think they should be a huge force in the DCU and would like to see that they become mainstream DC.


  8. Call me when Milligan is aboard. I can’t take another inconsequential Jenkins snoozefest story that will end up being ignored.

  9. Art wasn’t Sepulveda, but it still looked not very good. I think the art’s been dragging this book down from the start, but not slowing down to develop the characters at all for new readers might be a problem as well.

  10. Really thought the art improved, like the concept of the parallel universe seeing Chernobyl as a beacon to harvest gravity. Hopefully they can keep up the far out Dr.Whoism stuff.

  11. Good, I liked this issue; the action and danger were way up there. Apollo got his ass handed to him and that shows some serious threat level. M.M is so bad ass and needs to be the leader of this group instead of The Engineer without a doubt!


  12. It was actually better than I thought. The art was better than Sepulveda in my opinion, but I didn’t like the way Calero drew Apollo’s face.

    The idea behind this two-parter is quite enjoyable, I’m eager to read the rest and hang on to this book.

    P.S.: Chernobyl looked a it should: a train wreck!

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