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It’s the unstoppable murder machine vs. the Eminence of Blades when the Midnighter takes on Prince of Lies, Harry Tanner!

As Adam One stands trial before the shadow cabinet, Stormwatch loses two members, and the mystery horn from SUPERMAN #1 reappears to deliver a final page that will change Stormwatch forever!

Art and cover by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA
Variant cover by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA

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  1. Stormwatch is definitely my surprise favorite of the New 52.

  2. I like the cover. Hate Midnighter’s New 52 costume. Too pointy for no reason. Haven’t been reading this. Was so underwhelmed by the first issue.

  3. Other than issue 1, this is the first issue of this I’m excited for. It took a re-reading of the whole series to date to get me to realize that Cornell’s first story isn’t about introducing us to a brand new team, it’s about showing us the decay of the current one. The chaos of the first few issues is kind of reflective of Adam’s One failings as a leader.

    Now that I get that I’m excited to see where this is headed. (and who the post-Cornell, post-Jenkins writer will be!)

    • And hopefully the post-Sepulveda artist.

    • Oh, I didn’t know we were getting a new art team (whatever that means these days). I haven’t hated Sepulveda’s art, but it’s been more of a bug than a feature of the book for me so far.

    • the pencils have been good, it’s the coloring that’s been off! Trust me. And I’ve actually grown to really like the art (and color) in this title. If Midnighter would lose the chin spike, I’d have zero complaints.

    • You are totally right, Ken…I hadnt thought of it that way, but it makes total sense…it seems odd that DC hasn’t announced something as I am sire I am not the only reader who has placed it on the chopping block pending the replacement

  4. I may actually stop here because some of the pencilling in the preview looks atrocious! Sepulveda has done consistent work on Stormwatch so far, but maybe having to draw the Shadow Cabinet figure has taken away from the rest of those pages. It looks scratchy to me.

  5. Glad we got a brief glimpse of Apollo/Midnighter flirting in this one. I was afraid DC would shy away from that aspect of them.

  6. Wow!

    This was awesome!

    This book is a big pay off for staying on board. I like Stormwatch for lots of reasons, I like the concept, I am intrigued by the team and I could really go on from there. I just felt like it went too big too fast and wasn’t giving me, (the readers) a chance to catch up. While catch up we did with a great ” team ” issue, filled with amazing character moments. Harry Tanner is a great character who made me want a lot more in issue 2 and I got it here. The Apollo-Midnighter or Midpollo as I like to call them are both endearing and in short order this creative team has made me root for their happiness.

    5 stars !! All the way.

  7. Best issue of the book so far by a mile.

    • Definitely. This issue made me glad I didn’t drop the book when the first four issues weren’t kicking my butt with awesomeness.

      I wonder if the book would have hooked me more from the beginning if some of the scenes from this book (the “death” and the announcement of the new leader) had been used to frame the events of issues 1-4 as a flashback?

  8. Just when it’s getting good Cornell is leaving. Damn it all.

    • But Cornell said on Word Balloon that he’ll still be working with the new writer in some capacity. Which makes sense since he’s still writing Demon Knights (which I’m not reading but is supposed to be some kind of pre-cursor to Stormwatch, right?).

      So there’s probably no need to damn it ALL…just maybe a couple things.

  9. I’m afraid I have to be a contrarian here. I thought I’ve been a fan of this book, but after reading #5, I sat back and realized that I’ve liked this first arc way less than I thought I did. It’s just not a great way to launch a title, imho. It was jumbled and confusing, and overpopulated with too many characters/stories. At this point, I am only sticking with STORMWATCH for the Apollo/Midnighter relationship.

  10. best issue yet

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