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In this issue – the start of “Reign of Doomsday” – Doomsday has returned to Metropolis, and Steel is the only hero who can keep him from destroying the city! But how can Steel, a normal human, possibly hope to stop the monster who killed Superman?

Written by STEVE LYONS

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  1. I love Steel. This better not suck!

  2. been craving more steel since infinity inc ended

  3. I could give less of a crap about Doomsday, but I loves me some Steel. Hope this is cool. 🙂

  4. Don’t know if want.

  5. I love Ed Benes and I’ve been missing Steel.  Big action and good art, that’s what I want!

  6. The art was great in this but there really wasn’t much to it. It felt like a second issue, like doomsday had shown up at the end of last issue and now we were dealing with him. It just felt off kind of. If i wasn’t a big fan of Steel this would have left me even colder than it did. too much inner-monologue about the fight that wasn’t needed.

  7. I love the art, so glad to see Steel in the same armor he was when he first came out.  I’ve hated all the goofy armors he’s had over the years.  the story was good, i agree with the view point that it felt like a #2 issue.  It would also have been nice if Steel wasnt getting his Ass kicked the entire issue

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