A special one-shot paying homage to Dwayne McDuffie and the world of Milestone Media, with tribute material from Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan and other Milestone alumni.


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  1. Dont know bout FELICIA D. HENDERSON but I need a “lil” SHOCK to my system with super hero Static Shock.  R.I.P. Dwayne McDuffie and thanks for the awesome work.

  2. Been looking forward to this!  Felicia D Henderson knocked it out of the park on Teen Titans!

    Okay, just kidding, her work there was horrible.  Ed Wood bad.  Painfully bad.  I would go into reading this book with the lowest possible expectations, and anything above that you might be pleasantly surprised.  Personally I will be avoiding thie like the plague – and Hardware and Icon were the Milestone books I liked best anyway.

  3. Didn’t know this was coming. I hope my store gets it.

  4. @BCDX97  What a prick ass thing to say. What massive contributions have you been making to the world of writing for television and comics? It’s a disservice to Dwayne’s family for you running your mouth off like this. How do you know that Felicia wasn’t approached personally by any of Dwayne’s friends or family to write this tribute issue?



  5. I read Felicia Henderson’s run on Teen Titans and honestly, it sucked.  I’m passing on the new series, who needs another Black Lightning or Lightning?  I’m glad McDuffie is getting his props though.  I might pick this up.

  6. Correction:  I won’t be picking this up.  @CaryCoatney: I think BCDX97 has every right to bitch about Felicia Henderson’s run on Teen Titans if he spent money on it.  It was terrible.  I spent money on it, and I wish I hadn’t.  She already has a bad track record with that run and isn’t it amazing that someone I’d never heard of made that big an impression on me to never want to read her work again?  I just lost several books I like reading in favor of launching these Milestone characters into the DCU.  I’ve enjoyed Xombi so far, but it’s a unique character. Static Shock is a character that isn’t unique in any way and I doubt this book will last much longer than a year.

  7. @CaryCoatney  Sorry I’ve never co-produced Moesha or Sister, Sister.  The reviews of her Titans run ran from tolerable at best down to terrible.  When tolerable is your apex, that’s very faint praise.  I had to slog through 20 pages of drek to get to the Coven back-ups which I really enjoyed.

    And I have no idea how I’m am dissing DMcD’s legacy by saying her writing on TT sucked.

    I have no idea how this book is currently rated 4.8, though.  The review by JoeCom said “Everything felt really rushed and at times as if pages where missing”  That is how her Titans book felt month after month.

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