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Static finds himself the target of dark forces as Virule and the Slate Gang unleash their deadly trap!

Will Static’s debut end before it has even started?


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  1. Really Excited bout this on first one was ok.. the cliffhanger was intresting I wanna kno where there gonna take Virgil and how the seris is going to progress through hopefully a first year.

  2. I wish I’d liked issue one just a little bit more… that’d make this decision a bit easier…

  3. This book is to broccoli what action comics is to ice cream.

  4. There are things that I don’t like about this book like Static’s new costume and that Richie isn’t in it. I intend to keep reading this because I need at least one black character to read about and I did really enjoy the cartoon. I hope this gets better.

  5. Won’t do it! First issue was a kids book feel and was not very good. i had to comment to warn others that this was another butt of all jokes at the book store!! This is a horrible re-boot and good luck to those that waste thier money!

    Just sayin’,


    • Well the book is a kid friendly book. Most people think of the cartoon but this base on the original comic book series. I had to order this from my iPad become it sold out at my store. It is only one of the few books of the new DC that I will let my nephew. DC is way to dark now that there is no really good books for kids anymore. Good there still Marvel Comics.

    • I love when people say “kids book” like it’s an insult.

      If actual kids buy your comic that means you’re doing something right.

  6. I love Static, the first issue ws not wht I expected but I like the new setting. I like that Hardware is involved and I really want to see what happens next.

  7. When I mean kids books it is not an insult really no; I am just stating a fact that for adult tastes it is just kidish. DC does have kids books and at my store they are on a seperate rack and thats where this series belongs. It can go right next to Young Justice, Tiny Titans, Brave and the Bold, etc……
    The story on first book and the art for me it was just besides kidish just plain horrible, I have read some Young Justice and Brave and the Bold and they were much better than this if; thats what they were going for was the kidish version. The character is almost like Black Lightning and I prefer Black Lightning, thanks.

    Just sayin’,


    • Horrible sounds a bit harsh. I didn’t get the first issue, but i’ll bet there are some people that loved it.

    • This is one of the better books in the relaunch and the fact you believe it should be in the “kids” rack is all kinds if wrong as it is not a kids book. IN fact this book for the second time is the first one to sell out at my store while there’s still more then enough copies of Action, JL and Flash still on the shelf

  8. Ok….. np and gl.

    Just sayin’,


  9. I love how Static’s powers are displayed, but the dialogue can get dopey sometimes. Also the villains aren’t very interesting.

    I found my interest in it going back and forth as I read it. There are good things about it. It seems to have potential, but I think I might need to save the dough on this one.

  10. This is the first book I guess I will be dropping out of the new 52. When I got to the second issue and they started talking about the sisters doppleganger, and then I went back and looked at issue 1 and nope, there wasn’t anything about it in that issue. I knew it was time to go.

  11. I really been liking this new series. What DC should do is reprint or download that old Milestone series since this series plays off of that. Also the two sister thing is the big mystery that got the family to move to New York in the first place. If you read the old series or watch the cartoon you know he only have one sister.

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