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  1. So many peolpe are pulling marvel books this week I was wondering where the DC cash flow would be this week, 

    until I saw (currently) 23 of these being pulled at $49.99 each.  

  2. Best book ever!

  3. Reading Starman for the first time as I buy these.  Loving it!


  4. One of the best comics to come out in the past 30 years.

  5. hopefully someday batman/hellboy/starman will be included in these omnibus

  6. I want to get the first one.  I hear so many good things!

  7. This is also my first time reading Starman and I love getting it in such big chunks.

  8. @gat0rl1vebeatz: When the Starman Omnibus was announced, they said that those Batman/Hellboy/Starman issues would be included eventually.  I would assume they’ll stick them in wherever they fit in terms of either continuity or publishing order, otherwise perhaps in the final volume just to complete the collection.  Now, granted, this was over a year ago, maybe even two, so plans could change.  But if they stick to what they said, you’ll see them eventually.  These are supposed to collect everything Jack Knight/James Robinson related, aside from maybe his appearances in early JSA issues.

  9. I discovered this series through these HCs, and am quite enjoying it.  Dropping $50 on the first one without having any idea what it was really about was a bit risky, but it paid off.

  10. A couple online places are knocking $10 off for a limited time. I was able to snag this volume, the Earth’s Mightiest I and II and Batman the Black Glove HCs and still come in under my store credit! (by $0.41).

  11. I hope that the the issues of Captain Marvel/Shazam involved in a cross over are also included.


  12. Picked it up, will be getting started soon.

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