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  1. Can not wait to read this.

  2. agter waiting for this one i cant wait anymore!!

  3. This isn’t on the midtown solicitations for this week, is this actually coming out this week?

  4. I still have vol 1 waiting to be reread but i’m so glad these omnibi are coming out

  5. It wasn’t on Midtown’s list, but it was on Diamond’s that came out on Monday, so I’d say it’s a good bet it will be in stores on Wednesday.

  6. Art so pretty…..must…resist….reaching for credit card…. children starving must resist….omnibus….addcition…


    what the hell the kids can eat the issues with a little ketchup right? Fiber is good right? 

  7. that’s an expensive meal for the kids if all they are eating is omnibi.  Might want to just buy some ramen.

  8. I didn’t see this at my store, and my store had a ton when the first one came out.  It’s not on as well.  Did anyone pick this up?

  9. I did, but I had to go to two stores, and technically the one I got was for a pull-list.  My usual store didn’t have any, but I wasn’t surprised because I actual was given the owner’s copy of Vol. 1 when that came out, as they were out then too.  However, the second store said that they were shorted, which isn’t surprising since Diamond’s list was the only one it was on (ie. it wasn’t on the Midtown list, etc.).  So I’d guess you’ll see more in a week or two?  Otherwise there’s always Amazon.

  10. Got my copy. My store owner had one reserved for me, just because he knew I’d want it. Now that’s service. I’ve never read ny of the stories in this volume before but flicking through it is mind-blowing. I wish to god these volumes would come out quicker, but aside from that it’s easily the best thing DC is doing right now.

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