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  1. I’m calling this future book of the month. 

  2. oh its finally here!!!! Its like fing christmas

  3. Well its on my pull list…but it make have to wait a little because money is a bit tight now.  But its at the top of my must buy soon list.  Josh has me salavating over this book

  4. actually i think its shipping late. i have it pre-ordered on amazon and it says its not shipping til Mid-June.

  5. Any idea how many omnibuses (omnibi?) this will end up being?

  6. 6 omnibi

  7. To Troy: 

     It’s not late, I just bought it today. Everything on Amazon ships a week or two later after the direct market. 

  8. I CAN’T bring myself to buy this again. Recommended though…

  9. This is so great, but buying six of them will break me.


    Oh well, who needs money anyway? 

  10. and will have them for good prices.

  11. Amazon discount and free shipping 6/10 FTW.

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