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  1. I plan on giving this a flip through.  If it is just a standard Vader hunts down conflicted Jedi, then I will likely pass, but if it offers a unique take on the situation I won’t be able to restrain myself from picking it up.

  2. It has Darth Vader on the cover…..I have to buy it.

  3. my first Star Wars book in some time, so we’ll see what happens

  4. I have to agree with cubman987… with Vader on the cover this one is a pull for sure.

  5. My shop didn’t have this.  I would appreciate it if someone posted a review so I can determine if it is worth hunting down.

  6. @stuclach

    Will do tonight.

  7. Good, nothing great.  I’ll have to dig out to be sure, but I remember reall liking the first Purge one-shot.  I really enjoyed the ending but I was a bit let down by this one.

  8. I liked this, I gave it 4/5.  I thought it was worth reading and I really liked how it ended.

  9. @cubman987 – Thanks for the review.  I left a comment.  I’ll hunt it down.

    @DarthDuck – I don’t recall the first Purge one-shot.  When did it come out? 

  10. December of 2005 according to Wikipedia – I still can’t find my copy, too many long boxes…

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