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  1. What is your opinion on the "vector" crossover to this point?

    In my opinion it has been interesting, but seemingly pointless.  I have seen very little to indicate there will be any long term consequences.

  2. haven’t read the other parts except for this title.  Is it odd to like everything about a book except for the main character?  Cade’s kind of a toolbox to me but I love this updated world they are telling the stories in.  

  3. I agree.  Cade can be really irritating, but the world is fasinating.  He is really only interesting when he is embracing the darkness (in my opinion).

    I really enjoy the Imperial Knights.  The idea is interesting and the execution has been good, so far.  The role they play going forward is worth paying attention to.

  4. The Imperial Knights are one of my favorite aspects as well.  They just finished up that Legacy of the Force book series and set up the status quo to lead towards this Legacy era pretty nicely.  Though it did confirm for me that if I was a Skywalker I would never ever have a child, they’re guaranteed to become evil at age 19.  

  5. I am pretty certain that every child will become evil by age 19.  I was evil by 15 and my 4 year old is well on her way.

    I read all 9 (!!) Legacy of the Force books and don’t really think all that highly of them.  They were interesting, but it felt (to me) like they just treaded water for the middle 4 (or so) books.

    The sequences with Cade interacting with Luke are interesting, but should be even better than they are.

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