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  1. This huge Vector crossover has been interesting, but seemingly unnecessary.  I don’t feel like there has been any suspense in the story up to this point.  However, Legacy is the one book where the "artifact" could actually have an impact without screwing up continuity, so maybe something meaningful will happen here.

  2. I have not followed the VECTOR storyline but have been reading Legacy since #1.  It has had some up and down moments and I am hoping the VECTOR tie-in doesn’t completely derail the book.

  3. @BrikHed – Legacy is by far the strongest of the SW books.  I don’t think these writers are going to allow Vector to derail what they have been building here.  Sales have been pretty decent for this title and they know it.

  4. I have been enjoying this series since the beginning, give or take a few dips here and there.  But what I really want to understand is why you can’t play as Vader in The Force Unleashed video game.  

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