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  1. If you have read the New Jedi Order novels, then I feel you will enjoy this series.  It works as an excellent story, but only if you have the backstory the novels provide.  Without that, I feel this would be extremely difficult to follow.  This issue is far better than the previous 3.  Very, very enjoyable for an old Star Wars fan (and a fan of SOME of the EU).

  2. I’m a fan of the European Union too.

  3. @vadamowens – They do good work, but I’m not sure Fredrik Reinfeldt is the best president of the council we’ve ever seen.  Luckily, they rotate that position every two years.

  4. I was assuming the EU stood for something else and made a pun on it.  You actually did mean the EU?

  5. @vadamowens – No.  EU means expanded universe.  Basically EU is anything concerning Star Wars that wasn’t in the movies (i.e. Books, comics, TV shows, etc).

  6. ah hah!

  7. @stuclach – I haven’t read any of the Star Wars novels, New Jedi Order especially, but I’m following this easier than you claim. If anything, this series is piques my interest enough to want to read the novels to get the backstory it makes references to.

  8. @vinh – Perhaps you are just more perceptive than I am.  I feel like they are writing assuming we have some knowledge of what/how these groups operate and who many of these character are.  I am glad you are enjoying it.  The novels are quite enjoyable and I encourage to grab a few and give them a shot.  The first few are fun, but the middle books in the New Jedi Order arc are excellent.

  9. Couldn’t agree with you more, stuclach, about the NJO books.

    I find the little side story  about Han and Anakin a nice little touch to this issue.

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