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  1. this has been a really good comic thus far.

  2. I have also enjoyed it.  Hopefully, we get to see some Vong warfare in detail this issue.

  3. this is my first star wars comic and I’m diggin it.

  4. @musicologist86 – I’m glad to hear you are enjoying this.  Star Wars: Legacy is another excellent Star Wars comic.  The first three trades are very enjoyable (in my opinion).

  5. last book was wretched

  6. My store sold out of this before noon.  Apparently sales have increased dramatically more at my shop than they normally do when students come back into town.  I’m happy the book is popular enough to sellout, but it sucks that I’m going to have to wait a week to read this.

  7. The first issue didn’t really grabbed me, but I have the feeling this mini-series is developing quite nice. The 3rd issue really get things going. I’t my first Vong story (I’m not a novel reader) and the story gives a feeling of legacy regarding the Vong. 

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