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  1. Wait, is this a mini? I thought it was going to be an ongoing.

  2. Either way, I’m just happy to be getting more info on the Yuuzhan Vong.  Traitor is one of my favorite novels of all time. (Apparently it’s also the most divisive book in the Star Wars EU.)

  3. I am excited about this look into the NJO. I thought it was ongoing too; maybe they are going to alternate it with another series?

  4. so how much EU knowledge am I going to need for this?

  5. Unless this first book knocks my socks off, it’ll end as soon as it began. 

  6. @Devastron: I’m pretty sure every Star Wars book starts like that. I remember Rebellion said the same thing and then after issue 5 it wasn’t out for a while.

  7. @ ABirdseyesView: Not much other than that the New Republic and the Jedi Order are expanding and growing and the Yuuzhan Vong are from outside of the galaxy and are not part of the Force. That’s about it. The Empire is just a remnant, the New Republic is thriving and about to get wrecked by Hurricane YV.

  8. awesome! I knew most of that except the part about the Yuuzhan Vong.  that’s sounds pretty cool

  9. Yeah i’m really looking forward to this. I already read Legacy and The Old Republic which are 2 great comics and was looking for more SW comic action. 

  10. @ABirdseysView – Having read the first issue, I can say that I don’t think any prior knowledge of the novels (any of them) is necessary to "get" this issue.


  11. It was a quick read with lots of action. How did Luke know the YV were going to invade the planet?

  12. @aqua why the force of course:)

  13. @AquaPimp82 – Vadamowens is probably at least partically right, but you may get more info from the free #0 issue:

  14. @stuclach – I agree.  I haven’t read the NJO books and had no trouble reading this issue.

  15. it was a little jumpy, but looks like a good story.

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