Haunted by recurring visions of what his life with Padme might have been like if he had not succumbed to the dark side, and guided by the Ghost Nebula’s mysterious priestess, Vader and his troops become embroiled in a disastrous battle on a tar-pit world.

Worse, the hard-fought battle brings Vader no closer to locating Moff Tarkin’s missing son-but it does put him in the deadly sights of a traitor!

* The Dark Lord in action!

* Written by The Force Unleashed’s Haden Blackman

Writer: Haden Blackman
Penciller: Rick Leonardi
Inker: Dan Green
Colorist: Wes Dzioba
Cover: Tsuneo Sanda

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. I’ve been told by my comic store that this doesn’t come out till next week.

  2. The twist in this story surprised me but not in a good way. There needs to be some clue as to what is to come or else it just has you scratching your head. Also why is there a cell with Vader without his helmet. I didn’t get that. I still enjoyed this issue though.

  3. I approached this mini-series cautiously (and in mid-series, unfortunately) because I usually give Star Wars comics a chance, only to be disappointed. I don’t want to see new, original characters in the SW universe. I want to see familiar faces, even if they’re marginal. I realize the constraints that must go into creating a comic book story set in the Star Wars universe, but I still think there’s a lot of room to tell really iconic, juicy tales with characters we know and love (or love to hate). Based on this issue, this mini-series comes pretty close to what I want. It’s all Vader, all the time. I was a little put off by some of the depictions of his helmet in this issue – sometimes it looked like Vader was smiling – but I loved some of the other things they did to our favorite heavy breather in this issue. Issues of this are hard for me to find, but at the very least I will be picking up the TP.

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