Collecting the complete Dark Empire saga-Dark Empire, Dark Empire II, and Empire’s End — this Star Wars hardcover is a handsome must-have!

Six years after the fall of the Empire in Return of the Jedi, the battle for the galaxy’s freedom rages on. The Empire has been mysteriously reborn under an unknown leader, wielding a new weapon of great power. Princess Leia and Han Solo struggle to hold together the New Republic while the galaxy’s savior, Luke Skywalker, fights an inner battle as he is drawn to the dark side, just as his father…

Writer: Tom Veitch
Artist: Cam Kennedy, Jim Baikie
Cover: Dave Dorman

Price: $29.99
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Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. I remember seeing a couple of pages in a Star Wars Insider magazine I bought decades ago when twelve-year-old me was hyped up about the 1997 theatrical re-releases. To my younger self, those pages looked pretty epic – how do these comics hold up today?

  2. I remember liking the art but hating the coloring. The story was cool. I’m looking forward to a collected Thrawn collection. That was SPECTACULAR art. And it had Mara Jade. I LOVE Mara Jade.

  3. This is my all time favorite Star Wars story. And it has my favorite expanded Universe character: Kam Solusar. I was hoping they’d re-release the Full Cast Audio Dramas when they did this because so far, the Empire’s End FCAD doesn’t exist anywhere but on an out of print special edition from the 90s!

  4. @Prax – Okay, my interest is piqued. All-time favorite from comics only, or novels too?

    I think the only Star Wars comic I ever read was a single issue of a book called Droids. C3P0 got mistaken and switched out for the killer-droid C3PX ( That was a lot of fun. 

  5. @OttoBott as the Comics go, this is probably the best they ever did. It’s probably my favorite over any of the novels either. Well… Except Shadows of the Empire. Fun fact: George Lucas loved Dark Empire so much it was his official Christmas gift to every Lucasarts/film/ILM/Skywalker/THX employee in 1993. 😉

  6. Shadows of the Empire was the book I wasn’t ready for. The more I think back on that book, the more fondly I regard it.

  7. I have the first volume of this somewhere and I remember hating it. Bad art, terrible color (everyone is green or purple) and the story basically ruined everything before it. Reading this after the awesome Thrawn trilogy felt like a slap in the face.

  8. @ottobott-I remember the Droids issue, that one and some Jabba the Hut issues are the only Star Wars books I have.

  9. Story was neat, that’s for sure. It fit right in to Star Wars. The Cam Kennedy art? Eeesh… I don’t know if his expressionism was the right fit for the project. Still, this series was so groundbreaking it’s damn near impossible to downplay its significance.

  10. The Cam Kennedy art is gorgeous. I even loved it as a kid.

  11. I always loved Kennedy’s art on the book. The book has a very murky feeling to it, and a bit of an alien look to it, which is always nice to get in sci-fi.

  12. Yeah, I’m looking through a preview and it’s pretty astounding artwork. I don’t really know how I’d classify it – it’s like the very best of the 80s holdover with some pretty gorgeous watercolors underneath. Good grief. Sold.

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