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When Princess Leia is caught between two squadrons of TIE fighters, her undercover scouting may be at an end. But Luke Skywalker is doing his best to disobey Leia’s own orders, and to once again save the princess. Time is short and the Empire is closing in!

“Brian Wood and Carlos D’Anda truly have the making of a classic on their hands. If you ever wondered if Star Wars could ever recapture that childlike glee of those earliest of memories, wonder no more. Star Wars is back and it’s never been better.” —Newsarama

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Carlos D'Anda
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Cover Artist: Rodolfo Migliari

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.3%
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. So I think I’m gonna drop this…

    • I’m kinda with you aswell. It hasn’t been bad by any means but its kind of made realise that I’m really not that big a Stars Wars fan, well not enough to really invest in these characters.

      Sorry Mr. Wood, its me, not you.

    • I think i will drop this after next issue.

  2. So I think I’m gonna keep getting this for the long haul.

    The FCBD story was pretty cool. Vader & Fett versus traitors – a bad ass little tale.

  3. Oh come on, Alex Ross, that’s just a photo!

  4. Sorry to break it to all you “droppers” but this has been the best Star Wars comic of all Star Wars comics.

    (Waves hand)

    “You don’t need to drop this title. This IS the comic you are looking for.”


  5. Little bummed about the disappearance of the digital copy that comes with the book. First three had it but missing last issue and looks to be missing again.

    • That’s kinda sad… I was planning to gift those digital codes to my uncle and aunt, who are big SW buffs

  6. This doesn’t excite me the way the Darth Vader and the Ninja Assassin series does, but I’m still enjoying it.

    • Glad to hear that Darth Vader and the Ninja Assassin are living up to Vader and the xxx is living up to the others. I past on the single issues in favored of this series. Figured the trade will be out soon enough.

  7. This is good jerk material for people with x-wing fetishes.

  8. sadly this title is getting pretty stale. I am going to stick around for Ryan Kelly though. That mans preview pages look amazing!

    • It’s funny how something gets “stale” after five issues. That’s the fickle comic buyers of today.

      How about all number one issues all the time? Then nobody can say they are getting tired of something anymore! C’mon comics industry, you can do it!

    • Honestly it’s been pretty stale from the start, but I still get it for the SW and Wood factor. Back in the old days one could get wrapped up in five issues or less. This is just dull. I often stay on titles longer than I should and that’s just a waste of money.

      To your other point, I would love each arc getting renumbered. Might increase new readers.

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