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  1. Yay!

  2. Why are Picard and Data on the cover?  Now I’m curious….

  3. Picard’s eye brows have never been that massive.

  4. i’ve been waiting for an excuse to buy Star Trek comics.

  5. This book really let me down. I hope you guys enjoyed it more.

  6. Didn’t Data die?  I know he died at the end of Nemesis.  And I don’t read many Star Trek novels, but I believed he stayed dead.

    Seriously, what the hell?

  7. He "died" but there was that other Data that basically had his memories so it was a simple matter to make him undead.  They hedged their bet on that one big time.

  8. I thought this was a great start. It could’ve been a lot weaker. The art is great and the writing and story is enough to keep me wondering wtf is going on.

    Kinda let me down on the whole ‘system dying’ seems like a cop out to the Klingons home planet blowing up in Undiscovered country.

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