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Stan Lee’s sensational sci-fi superhero series with New York Times bestselling author & current SUPERMAN scribe Chris Roberson spins into high gear!

Benjamin battles through space to return to his homeworld… but will he reach it in time? The critically acclaimed fan-favorite series reaches new heights and provides high-octane entertainment that is truly NOT OF THIS WORLD!

Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: Khary Randolph

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


  1. Still the best among the three books.

  2. I think Soldier Zero has become the best, especially with Abnett and Lanning on board. The Traveler has become a lot of fun too. This used to be my favorite but not much is happening. Too much exposition and re-explaining that he made these stories up. Its still fun, but its dragging a bit. It does have the best art though.

  3. This is my least favorite of the three… just seems to be repeating the same note over and over again.  I don’t know the character at all, and aside from the set pieces, nothing has wowed me since the first issue.  I’d probably rank them Traveler, Soldier Zero, Starborn.  Though I do like the nods to all three books being in a shared universe.

  4. Randolph is killing on the art!  It keeps getting better.  Traveler was my favorite out of the gate, but now I read the issue and don’t know what is going on.  So my rank right now is Starborn, Soldier Zero, and the Traveler.

  5. @cubsmodano  Yeah, Soldier Zero seems to be the one tying them all together, since it mentions the Split Second Men and The Civilization.

  6. I for one don’t mind that they are in a linked universe.  Wish one of the characters was a female character to give the line variety.

  7. Well, I was about ready to drop this one, but this issue has saved it.  Finally some great twists and a change from what was expected.  Also, I like how it didn’t dwell on what the last issue teased would be the plot of this one.

    I think this whole line will probably continue to bounce around as to which is my favorite at the time, and that’s a good thing.

  8. I’m not reading Soldier Zero or The Traveler, so can’t compare–but I have enjoyed this book from the beginning. The story has been fun and I like the artwork.

    I do have mixed feelings about this issue’s closing twist. It was intriguing and makes the book feel slightly less derivative, but for some reason it also felt just a bit too contrived. There had to have been a more subtle way to close this issue. I couldn’t help being reminded of Godwin’s Law, and that for me detracts from the book’s value. I’m giving this until the end of this arc.

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