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Stan Lee joins New York Times bestselling author Chris Roberson and artist Khary Randolph to deliver Stan Lee’s third, epic new ongoing series, STARBORN!

Just when it seemed like Ben and Tara might make it off Earth, a new and menacing enemy appears – and now, things aren’t looking so good! Will they be able to make it out alive? Will Ben be able to embrace his newfound power and return to his true home? There’s only one way to find out how the first arc of the Stan Lee superhero smash-hit ends…

Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: Khary Randolph
Cover: Humberto Ramos & Gene Ha

Price: $3.99
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  1. I’ve been really enjoying this book. Easily the best of these Stan Lee Boom books. Although, I wonder if the three of them are to meet at some point.
    Since in Soldier Zero they mention the Split Second Men, which are characters in The Traveler.

  2. I can’t wait to see how the arc ends. I’ve really warmed up to the other two, Abnett and Lanning are a good fit for Soldier Zero and the first Traveler arc ended very strongly. I do wonder what the Split Second Men have to do with some alien race, but I hope they do a crossover, although they should wait another arc or two.

  3. I’ve been really digging this too.  But I’ve never read the other series.  I might have to check them out now after hearing you guys talk about them…especially if they crossover.  Do you guys know if these are ongoings?

  4. @JoeCom  I asked at ECCC and they hinted at it happening. But that could be just them teasing and not delevering.

  5. @wayne2011bc – yeah, I think these are on-going – as long as they aren’t canceled….

    @JoeCorn – I definitely think these three books will join up in a crossover.   I think the split second men have been mentioned in all three?  Also, I think the ’empire’ mentioned in soldier zero might be the one in starborn.  

  6. This was my POTW

  7. @TheTaken  the split second men havent been mentioned in Starborn, yet.

  8. To me, this feels like a Saturday morning cartoon, and I mean that in the best way possible.

    Good stuff.

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