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Stan Lee. Paul Cornell. Javier Pina. The hot new ongoing series SOLDIER ZERO continues! Stewart Trautmann continues battling an enemy alien force while trying to save the love of his life – but he also has an even more challenging hurdle that he must overcome…himself. The breakout hit series from the biggest names in comics continues!

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Sergio Arino

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


  1. Does this book remind anyone else of ROM?

  2. Not sure why this isn’t getting more pulls. The circumstances of the character remind me a lot of John Locke’s character (whithout the self depravity prior to being in a wheel chair) from Lost. Having the inability to walk to flying and shifting form is an extreme shift. This should open up a lot of conflict for our character and in many issues rise the questions: should I keep this a secret or should I bask in the glow. That is just scratching the surface though. I have a lot of hope for this series. Hopefully it does not disappoint.

  3. It didn’t….

  4. I really love the idea of this series, I just think that the dialogue sucks ass sometimes. What’s up with that?? Paul Cornell is definitely one of my top 5 writers – not sure what is going on here…

    I am primarily referring to the alien symbiote’s speech. The part that really pissed me off was when he sarcastically says, “It’s Tony Danza!” What the fuck is that??!? It would be one thing if there was some kind of joke about alien symbiotes loving Who’s the Boss?, but that just came out of nowhere. Laaaaame. Afraid I am going to have to replace this title.

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