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Stan Lee, the most colossal force in the history of comics, teams up with BOOM! Studios to deliver a brand new line of superhero comics! The great innovator of our industry brings his inimitable talents back to the direct market in an explosive line of comics that nobody is prepared for! His epic superhero series with Paul Cornell (ACTION COMICS, DOCTOR WHO) and Javier Pina (SUPERMAN, BATMAN) continues in SOLDIER ZERO! Half man. Half alien. All weapon! Stewart Travers struggles to understand his Trauttmann power as he battles against an enemy alien force that has turned Earth into a battlefield!

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Javier Pina

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. I hope this goes in an interesting direction. This hero part of last issue was cliche, but the main character is interesting and I really liked watching him go through his day being condescended upon. I hope they can make the superhero parts as interesting as the civilian parts.

  2. I wasn’t a big fan of the art.

  3. I’m actually liking this a lot. I hope other people are as well, I want ths to stick around.

  4. This book is reminding me very much of Rom: Space Knight. Enjoying the Saturday morning cartoon feel it offers. I know Stan is just an idea man, but really, what is the Grand Poobah title infer aside from “put my name on your book and it will sell on that alone”? Crap…I fell for it…

  5. I wonder if people are enjoying, since I dont really see anyone talking about it. I actually really like the main character, and the fight in the store was fun.

  6. This book is a lot of fun. I feels like Cornell’s mixing his Captain Britatain work with the Saturday morning styling of Stan Lee. I’m liking it. Not another book on my pull list that’s quite like it.

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