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  1. Never have tried the Spirit.  Supposed to be a super classic.  Three bucks?  Sign me up!

  2. This’ll be a great way to sample Eisner’s work with the character. Any one who liked Cooke’s run will find a lot to enjoy in this one.

  3. I’ll definitely be picking this up. Afterward, I’ll lend it to my father.


  4. My only experience reading the Spirit was a couple years ago when I read the Best of the Spirit trade at my local library.  I wonder if all of the stories included in the special were already in that trade?

  5. Changed my mind. Can’t justify buying comics with Ebony looking like that.


  6. boo! my shop didn’t get the special this week.

  7. Me neither, got home and the book in the bag was Spirit #23 by Evanier?!  D’oh!

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