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  1. I have been an Aragones fan since i was very young reading Groo and I am excited to see him getting books like this and Bat Lash.

  2. I’m pretty excited to see where they go with this one.  If they can recapture the fun of Eisner’s originals, I’m definitely on board.  We’ll just see how it plays out.

  3. This is definitely the biggest question mark of the week.

  4. i also share conor’s concern.  i came late to the darwyn cooke spirit party and now am reading it in trade.  this will be my first real issue and i hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  5. Agreed, Conor.

    For me, if this issue makes the cut, it will remain the only regular DC series I buy. If it doesn’t, I won’t be buying any DC at all after Trials of Shazam ends.



  6. Y’all have got me curious.  I’ve never read "Groo", but I do somewhat enjoy "Bat Lash".

  7. I held issue 13 in my hand, looked at the art and said no way.  I guess if I hear good things about this I might pick it up.

  8. This was a great issue it reminds me of the stuff Eisner did in the 70’s for Warren and his underground work for Kithen Sink Press…Art and Story perfect…feels like comfort food.



  9. This was my first issue on the title and I really enjoyed it.  

  10. This was horrible.  Maybe I’ve been spoiled after Darwyn Cooke’s run, but I found myself just flipping through this trying to find something orth reading. This has none of the appeal of Cooke’s work and captures nothing of Eisner’s original stories. It’s bland, the art doesn’t fit the story and the characterization is all off. All, thedoctor that they show killed in the beginning, the protologist? They say his name is "Al Sternbottom", but his scrums say "Dr. Jon…." this is the last issue I’m picking up of this. I’ll just go back to the archives for my Spirit fix.

  11. I also loved the Darwyn Cooke run and pulled back from buying this book this week.  Can anyone convince me that this is worth trying now?

  12. @ jovianlab- Well, like I mentioned in my review, if you liked Darwyn Cooke’s run and that’s the standard you’re setting the new team to, you’re in for a real let down.  If you’ve ever read some of Eisner’s older stuff  and liked it then you will dig this as they aim more for that tone in the book.  I liked this book this week, but I also love Eisner’s older Spirit work.

  13. I realized that I just didn’t care about The Spirit, even under Cooke and Crew.  I care even less with the new team.  Drop-a-rooney.

  14. The story wasn’t at the same level as I’d gotten accustomed to with Darwyne Cooke’s run, but it wasn’t bad. Good mix of humor and action. I’m a Mike Ploog fan so I loved the artwork, I’ll stay with the series for a few more issues just for Ploog’s artwork. This actually wasn’t as bad as I’d thought, but could be better.

  15. i gotta say that i was very positive walking in to this issue until i saw the title "medical murderer" not splashed across two pages like cooke used to do it, and i go.. "damn, I miss Cooke."

     The story was not that great, I thought.  The "mystery" was a bit too obvious — probably the intro in the beginning wasn’t necessary.  It could’ve been explained later on as the mystery unveils itself. The art is not bad though.  I’ll give it another try (or two) — it is unfair to compare this issue to Cooke’s stuff.  I’m hoping it’ll get to that Cooke-caliber though.

  16. This was the most disappointing book for me that came out this week.  It was almost painful to read how much they changed the characters to me.  The Spirit I felt lost most of his charm and wit, while Dolan was turned into an idiot.  The art was okay, but hard to compare to Cooke.  I’m not holding that art against it as much as the writing I so disliked, since Cooke is one of my favorite artists and it’s hard to compare anyone to him.  I will be dropping this book because how horrible I personally felt it was.

    My analogy to friends was for the last year you have been getting one of the best beers on the planet.  It was consistent every month and then one day they warned you that they were going to repackage it with a new formula and you decided to give it a chance.  When you finished the beer you had a distinct memory of it tasting like another beer you once had and its name was Schlitz.

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