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  1. This book makes me miss Franco Urru on Angel…

  2. Has Brian Lynch cloned Joss Whedon’s brain? I can’t believe what an amazing handle on the characters this guy has. Great stuff!

  3. This book is fun and I’ll be damned if Lynch doesn’t nail the voices, but this mini isn’t completely clicking. There’s something missing, and maybe a lot’s happened in two issues, but… yeah… Maybe it’s just things moving quickly and characters being thrown at us willy nilly….

    Still love this book, though.

  4. I agree. The characters are spot on and the whole tone is very true to the buffyverse (or even the "Angelverse" really I guess) but this does not feel like a story that needed to be told.

     To me, while the writing and art are solid, the whole thing feels like a cash in in line with the success of Buffy Season 8 (and presumably Angel After The Fall, although I don’t know how that’s been doing saleswise.)

     Still enjoying it though. It’s an odd inner conflict I have with this book.

  5. @Cooper Angel is the top selling IDW book of all time… It’s in the top sixty comic books published each month…

  6. @GungaDin Thanks for the info. That’s quite surprising, but I’m glad. Them’s good comics.

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