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  1. The only reason I’m picking this up is that Spike & Fred are my favorite Buffyverse characters. The first issue was okay, let’s hope it gets better…

  2. I agree that the first issue wasn’t as good as Angel has been lately, but I totally trust Lynch on thsi title. The guy’s got such a great handle on these characters I’m sure we’re in safe hands.

  3. @Eyun You’re right. And that reminds me that I still haven’t picked up the Shadow Puppet trade…

  4. @cylonpete – Neither have I, actually. That’s another one to add to the list… (here comes the catchphrase) Damn you, cylonpete! 😉

  5. @Eyun MwhuaMwahahah…So, you know, that’s coming along…;)

  6. @cylonpete – Are you now my comic nemisis? Sweet!

    In my opinion, Fred is the best character created in the Buffyverse, and what happened to her really got me, but was also damn cool. And Lynch is writing her spot-on.

  7. @Eyun Yes! Nemesis-status…

    Anyway. Yeah, I remember sitting in front of the TV, hoping and begging to the godsJoss that it’s not true, that the whole Iliyria thing is just a phase…Man, that guy can really make you care! Oh, and Lynch got everything spot-on IMO. 

  8. This was better than last issue… I enjoyed it…

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