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The Eisner Award-winning team of Bendis and Maleev brings the shocking and inevitable confrontation you’ve been waiting for! Spider-Woman is face-to-face with the Skrulls who kidnapped her and ruined her life. To bring down the remains of SECRET INVASION, she’ll need help: the NEW AVENGERS!! If that’s REALLY them…

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Alex Maleev
COVER BY: Alex Maleev

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. They need to get this story over with and move on, this has been tainted by the motion comic. I want to see new stuff now

  2. Yeah, it is getting a tad boring.  I’m still enjoying it though.

  3. This might be my last issue.

  4. Motion what? I am so sick of those things. I want this book to be kick ass.

  5. The cover… that face… ecccchhhh.  New artist and arc please.  I’m so ready for a good Spider-Woman book. No plans to drop this yet, but please let’s move on.

  6. That has been good, but last issue was really light on moving the story forward.

  7. Decided last issue that trades are probably the place to pick up a Bendis story like this (if not all Bendis stories). Just too slow at 22 pages a pop. I will follow through issue 7, which I believe is the end of this arc, but then trade waiting it will be.

  8. I loved this too and I bought (and enjoyed) the motion comic. I just saw that the HC of this arc will come with a DVD of the motion comic. Instant sale for me. Will someone else be doing the art after Maleev? I’m fine with the change, but I love his art. I wish I could afford that double-page splash that ended this issue.

  9. @noto: That splash page at the end was awesome. I don’t think affording it is the problem though, from what I understand Maleev’s art is entirely digital now. There are no originals to own.

  10. Good issue. Same complaint as last issue… not much plot moved along. Best part? Brand’s text messaging! 4/5

  11. Im loving this book, its one of my favourite books, and originally i only bought it for the art, but im loving the story too. Ill probably continue on it even if Maleev isnt drawing it anymore. I think it helps that you can read it alone and its not tied into a load of events and stuff. Great book.

  12. What is all this talk about Maleev leaving? 

  13. Malleev leaving hasn’t been mentioned anywhere I have seen other than on a few "wish lists". I admit a new direction and look would be great once this arc is done. I think the art fits the story here but Spider-Woman isn’t Daredevil and I hope we get out of this dark skrullcentric period soon.

    I like the story so far but I am really wanting to see Jessica move past Secret Invasion and on to other threats.

    I may get blasted for this but I would love to see Terry Dodson on this book. 

  14. This was much better. The action took away from the irritating dull-ness of previous issues.  Good to finally see some movement.

  15. This was a good issue but I’m not sure how Jessica got to the thunderbolts ship. One page she’s fighting Headsmen the next she gliding next to the ship….how the helld she get there? She can’t fly, she said as much a few issue ago. I can’t wait till this story is over and we can really get going on this book and put the whole motion comic thing behind.

  16. This was the weakest issue so far, i just feel like im sick of the Thunderbolts being sent after people by Norman Osborn (and i dont even know if ive read it that many times, they definately went after Deadpool at some point, and Ghost is after Tony Stark in Iron Man, and i dropped Thuderbolts a while ago because i got bored of them) I dunno i just thought the other issues were a lot more interesting.

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