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  1. I think I got the Spider-woman: Origin trade for Christmas two or three years ago, I haven’t seen the Motion comic, so I hope this leaves up to literally years of waiting.

    I love Alex Maleev’s art work, I just hope Bendis doesn’t ruin it with all his word balloons (all his characters are very chatty)

  2. Yay! It’s in real comics form now!

  3. That chick be naked!

  4. How does this differ from the motion comic?

  5. @ato – Motion-not-included, though that can modded out by just kind of shaking the pages around as you read it out loud to yourself or/and others.

  6. i don’t know, if its gonna come out in motion comics too i’d rather have that just for the price and the fact that i already have a few of them

  7. @ ottobott – lol, I’ll have to, the motion comic is US only. Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. I think I’m going to stop getting the digital motion comic and just get the floppy instead. I’m not sold by any version of digital comics

  9. @Ottobott: I don’t do a good british accent.  Epic Fail.

  10. I was crazy excited for this comic when it was announced like a million years ago. now not so much. But I’ll give it a couple of issues cuz its Bendis and Maleev. 

  11. The whole idea of Spider Woman being placed in a life that she had no part in creating is quite interesting for a big 2 book.

  12. I’m really liking the motion comic.  My advice, skip this and subsribe to the motion comic on iTunes

  13. Skip this and get it on itunes.  It’s better, the extra value you get, plus it’s less than $2 an issue on itunes.

    I won’t be getting this version.

  14. I’ll be getting this in issues then hoping for some kind of DVD release for the motion comics.

  15. I want to read this, but I’m not big enough Jessica Drew fan to pay $3.99 for it…


  16.  I’m reading this as opposed to buying the motion comic. A motion comic just can’t replace the greatness of a real comic book. As for the folk who go to the motion comic because it’s cheaper–I think it funny that you would prefer buying permission to see pixels and hear voices for a short period of time with less imagination used (not to mention a poor choice of voice actors for Agent Brand), as opposed to owning a physical copy of the comic. I’m all for experiencing both, or at least the real comic, but going with the motion comic on its owns sounds to me like American culture infecting comics (giving people another reason to sit and stare at a screen). 

    @Zeppo – What are comics if not a lot of talking?

    @Diabhol – It’s a damn comic. Either you want to read it or you don’t. I really wish people would quit citing the $1 difference as if it could effect the quality of the story. Plus the series goes to 2.99 after the first issue. You have to look into these things before MISSING OUT ON THE ENTIRE SERIES BECAUSE OF ONE DOLLAR. That is all.

    PS- How did this comment turn into a damn book?

  17. @J4K3-I’m not reading this at all.  But the reason someone would want to get the motion comic instead is easy; because that’s what it was originally created to be.  This is just a secondary product Marvel slapped together in order to get money from people that refuse to buy digital, like you.

  18. Would pick this up but bought the first 2 issues on itunes, will switch to hard copy when the third issue comes out, the digital version is cool but not better than the real thing at this point.

  19. @drakedangerz: That’s not actually true. This was a comic first, a motion comic second. It’s been in the works as a comic for over five years.

  20. @Conor-In every interview he has done Bendis has stated that Maleev is doing the artwork to be produced first in motion comic form, then transfered over for the paper issues.  That is the original way they want to tell this story. 

  21. I just know that the preview I saw of this left me far, faaaaaar more interested than the motion ‘comic’ previews. I don’t even remember (BAD SIGN!) but I might have seen the 1st epissuesode for free somewhere and was so bored by it being in that form that I simply skimmed it. I do think that it should be less if than it is because the motion ‘comic’, but they’re likely trying to push the fans to their snazzy new format. Bleh.

    I just realized why I hate the idea of the motion comic though: it’s maybe 3 steps above this (with the part 2 here) which is a short semi-animated movie that my friend and I made because we didn’t have better means of making it (made with Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker [if you don’t know: they both suck!]). Marvel can easily make something 100x better than that video of ours but they decided to cheap out. (As an aside, those videos are a sequel to another one, but the original isn’t something that I wave a banner of pride about. Even these two are too rife with inside jokes for anyone outside of my friends to enjoy.)

  22. @drake: I don’t know if you seen the preview page but there’s no way those layouts were drawn with a motion comic device in mind

  23. @drakedangerz: It’s not the original way this comic was conceived, over five years ago. This as always meant to be a comic book. Somewhere along the way it was decided to do a motion comic too, but this was originally a comic.

  24. @J4K3

    It’s idiotic that Marvel has a first issue $1 price bump. If I see a #1 with a $4 and especially with Bendis on credits, I’m assuming it’s a $4 book. I shouldn’t have to look at solicits. I’m not picking this up to spite this idiotic practice. 

  25. @ people who love the digital version.

    I would buy it, but it’s not available for international audiances, that limits my options greatly. My Itunes laughed at me when I tried to download it. Also, I love comics, I like to turn off the technology and enjoy a book.

    @ people who hate $4 books

    Don’t blame you. I was going to skip this when I say $4, but since issue 2 normal price I’m going to give it a go.

  26. Crikey, it’s about blooming time this book came out.


  27. The preview for this is gorgeous. I’ll probably be picking it up in trade after this first issue.

     I think it’s interesting that they credit the model on the credits page. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

  28. I’m not into motion comics (although I wholly support digital comics), so I’m glad this is getting a traditional release as well. Love me some Spider-Woman.

  29. I was super excited about this book………about five months ago! ANd slowly Ive lost intrest. Still picking it up and hoping it is worth it.

  30. It would be a huge mistake to get the motion comic instead of the book. This entire issue, in motion comic form, is 10 minutes long. This art and dialogue deserves better from the reader.

  31. Jimski, your comment is a huge mistake!

  32. KickAss, the book also has pages of dialogue and art that isn’t in the motion comic, as I just learned. People who stick to the motion comics are paying for a trailer.

  33. @Jimski – I’m already on "issue" #3 of this series through the "motion comic" – I missed the fact that the printed comics and the motion comics were going to be exactly the same and bought the season pass on iTunes.  And yes, they do appear to be exactly the same, so the motion comcis are NOT "trailers" for the comics, they’re the real deal, but with awkward voice acting, corny music, no reader control over pacing, and rough movement that I hesitate to call "animation."  In my mind this is all a very interesting expirement that has been fumbled by Marvel in execution, in my opinion.  I’m intrigued by the effort, but not so pleased with the final product, in either format, although I think that the artwork (in printed form) is extremely well done.  I also think that the timing is odd, that I’ve already consumed the story through issue 3 before the first issue had shipped.

  34. @rwpos: Incorrect! I watched it again today with the book in my hand, because that is the kind of time I am capable of wasting. There are entire pages and paragraphs of text that are completely absent from the motion comic. That entire two-page splash where she talks about her origins, for example, and the lengthy bit at the beginning about Wolverine.

    I was glad, in the sense that it made my buying the book not-a-waste. In another sense, of course, it was maddening.

    It also irritates me that Spider-Woman and Madame Hydra are played by the same voice actress, but that’s not the book’s fault.

  35. I finally saw the motion comic @ for free. I think the book is better. I get to imagine the characters voices and movements, and that is what I love about this medium. I cast the characters, rather than some exc somewhere.

    I will be sticking with the book for the first story arc to see if it’s something I’ll enjoy long term, but I think I will get more out of the book if I skip the motion comic (made easier by Itunes in UK not stocking it).

  36. Feels like vintage Bendis.  5/5

  37. I really liked both the art and the story, but the writing was lacking here.

  38. @rwpos
    Bendis even said in the new Word Balloon interview with John Siuntres that some stuff was omitted from the crappy cartoon ‘motion comic’ version due to… Bendis-y excuses*.

    *Total BS but Bendis is such a good writer/like a cuddly, hairless teddy bear so we forgive him.

  39. @cutty     I was think that the whole time I was reading it.  It feels like a Bendis created own story.

  40. Good issue but kind of underwhelming, due to the insane wait and me having spoiled most of the story by watching that crappy motion comic. I hope it improves.

  41. Right, the motion comic and the printed comic are not 100% identical.  The story is the same, although there are minor variations between the formats.  By and large, even as Bendis points out, the differences are the result of what the creators (Bendis and Maleev primarily) feel plays better in the respective medium.  I don’t find that the differences really make either a unique story, and having watched the motion comic reading the print comic feels like a re-read rather than a first read, and the story just wasn’t enjoyable enough to me to warrant the time required for a second reading.

  42. I also watched the motion comic and I am loving what I am seeing.

  43. I have waited, and waited, and then they decided the motion comic was SOOO important that they decided to make me wait some more.  Now it’s finally out.  I love this character, but although I haven’t read it yet (mail order) I did pick up a copy at my local shop and skimmed it.  I couldn’t help thinking, "is Maleev capable of drawing a DIFFERENT expression on Jessica’s face?"  Every single panel with Jessica in it, her mouth is open and just slightly in profile.  I don’t like the colors, and I don’t like the art so much.  It’s so sketchy/scribbly that it makes the wait feel like a bunch of leadup and hype for very little payoff for an extra buck each month.

    Marvel was going to sell me 3 copies of this, now I’m only buying 1.  I’m not impressed, and the delays are kind of inexcusable.  This should have started immediately after Secret Invasion.

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