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  1. I’m looking forward to this one, of course I’m a sucker for origin-type stories.

  2. I don’t know about the story, but the art is kick ass.  I will say this again Tony Harris=God.

  3. i thought the first issue sucked.  it’s pretty much peter parker being a douche bag.  i love tony harris and i’m hoping this issue will be better.

  4. ANOTHER CRAPPY ISSUE!  This comic really does nothing for me.  Basically, it’s about Spider-Man being a wrestler and being a boring central character before he became interesting.  I am dropping this book.  I love you Tony Harris but I can only handle so much.

  5. I’m not into this one. I had to drop it.

  6. meh…

  7. After this issue, I’m dropping this one too.  It’s bringing absolutely nothing new to the table.  It might be good to introduce a younger reader to comics–that is, a younger reader who somehow missed all of the movies.

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