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FILE UNDER F FOR FAR OUT! Visionary creator Brendan McCarthy continues his surreal story as Dr. Strange journeys through bizarre dimensional realms in order to rescue Spider-Man’s soul from a tribe of depraved spider-demons. Reading like a psychedelic mash-up of Steve Ditko, The Beatles and Tim Burton, this trippy adventure is another modern classic from The House of Ideas!

WRITER: Brendan McCarthy
PENCILS: Brendan McCarthy
INKS: Brendan McCarthy
COLORED BY: Brendan McCarthy
LETTERED BY: Steven Cook
COVER BY: Brendan McCarthy

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.5%


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  1. It’s a shame this has such few pulls.

  2. Ack. I know. I was going to trade-wait it, but I’m thinking it might not be collected if the pulls are an accurate reflection of the sales it’s doing.

  3. yeah.  its a slippery slope.  I got the first issue and loved it, but I found that I was distracted by the ads more than usual, so I was going to trade wait.  If it never gets collected, maybe I’ll just have to go back-issue diving.  I just really want the purity of McCarthy’s art and colors sans ads.

  4. To be fair, the solicit DOES state "FILE UNDER F FOR FAR OUT!" which is actually completely something people should do, because even I, no stranger to WTF PSYCHEDELIA, thought that the first issue was almost too FAR OUT for my tastes. As in, kind of felt like there were drugs entering the pores of my fingers that were holding the pages.

  5. And trade waiting is a good idea for this one because the ads do legitimately blow given the groove of the whole thing, but I think Marvel should be rewarded on a month-to-month basis for actually having the balls to feature one of their most major properties (if not THE most major property?) in this acid-soaked mess in this day and age.

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