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  1. i never get tired of seeing that pose on a spider-man cover

  2. So far this feels like less of a "telling of the Clone Saga how it was supposed to be" and more like a "condensing of the Clone Saga into 6 issues."

  3. there are at least 84 people reading this comic? Really?! REALLY?!?! Did you learn nothing the first time Marvel played around with this story?

  4. @omegalife2002

    I’m mostly reading it for 3 reasons: 1) The month that it start I was pulling just about everying (plus I thought it was only 4 issues at first). 2) I’ve always wanted to have a general understanding of the Clone Saga and Wikipedia never really did it for me. 3) It’s not THAT bad… it’s not very good, but I’m reading worse. 

  5. Is it wrong that I’m enjoying this? I started reading comics well after the clone saga ended, so I don’t really have that bitter taste for the material, and I freakin’ LOVE Todd Nauck.

    PLUS, don’t lie… you love the Scarlett Spider costume too.

  6. There was a four inch tail on a dialogue balloon! I don’t care how sad it is that I actually measured, because it was four freakin’ inches!

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