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  1. That’s a cool cover. I thought last issue was a little blah, but I’m curious to see how this goes.

  2. I also thought the first issue was blah. I’m on board because I feel like I should know the basics of the Clone Saga, but I’ve always been too scared to read the real one.

  3. @ Slockhart

    I don’t blame ya man; plus, short of finding a torrent of it or something, I don’t even know where one would begin to go about collecting it in its entirety. 

  4. @ShoneRafa77 Marvel is planning on it. I’m not quite sure how. There’s at least over 48 issues of Ben Reily as Spider-Man, let alone the overall storyline.

  5. I just read the wikipedia, and once I got to "Spidercide" I decided I may be too scared to even read this mini…

    Or maybe I just want a Ron vs. The Clone Saga podcast. 

  6. @PraxJarvin

    I got bored, so I went on and counted them up.  It says there are 204 issues to the clone saga, but I got 151 issues after I cut out the original 70’s clone saga, random issues of Daredevil, Avengers, etc, the not in continuity stories like Marvel Versus DC, and stuff like Team Up.

  7. Marvel was able to release trades of the Age of Apocalypse in all its confusing glory across so many different titles.  Honestly my only question is buying them by volume or waiting for the Omnibus.  I doubt Marvel would skip straight to the Omnibus, they’ve got to make their money twice.

  8. @DarthDuck   I wouldn’t want an Omnibus of the clone saga simply because it’d be way to big. I’d be happy with 4 big ass trades the size of the AOA volumes

  9. @DarthDuck AoA was not really all that confusing. I own all the single issues (some of them from the time period!) It was a 4 month long event across 8 titles with two bookend one-shots . (And one unnecessary one-shot midway through that was just a Secret Files) as opposed to the Clone Saga which was 3.5 years across 4 titles, as well as several branchings out. It’s not impossible, but it’s certainly going to be a massive collection, often with issues that can’t be reconciled next to each other.



  10. I am pulling this, Batman , and Fantastic Four this week,

    i’m a bit short on money, what do you think should I drop?

  11. @nathan  i would drop this if i were you since its a story that you could read in trade and not be behind on any other books. this story is self contained and won’t have reprecusions on the MU proper as far as i know

  12. This doesn’t feel as much like a proper-telling of what the Clone Saga was supposed to be as much as just an abridged version with less stupid stuff.  Correct me if I’m wrong (as I said, never read the original) but wasn’t the army of Peters plot one of the ones thrown in at the end?

  13. @ RolVampire : tnx bro. i was just worried because I started it and I have a habit of finishing stuff. Then I’ll still grab last week’s Batman Confidential 35 because my LCS ran out (surprisingly). I’m from the Philippines and I wil only get my books tomorrow.

  14. This was bad… inexcusably so. 1/5 Dropped.

  15. It really was awful.  The only thing worse, I’ll probably be picking up #3…

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