Mr. Negative has created a monster…and the ultimate destiny of Cloak & Dagger is warped beyond recognition! Will Ty and Tandy live through the ordeal…and even if they do, can they ever be together again?!


Story by Nick Spencer
Art by Emma Rios & Alvaro Lopez
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Emma Rios & Jose Villarubia

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. what? this is on issue 3??? I missed issue 2! dang it. will have to go back and get it

  2. Wish this could become an ongoing. Spencer is doing a great job with the characters, and supposedly has a story laid out if it were to go further. But I highly doubt it’s selling enough to warrant it. Especially seeing how lost all the Marvel fringe books have become in the midst of this new 52 deluge.

    Looking at the pull numbers this week, I’m officially sick of the DC relaunch. FAR inferior DC books are doubling very good Marvel books. It’s just sad. Sure Fear Itself has sucked. But there are some really great smaller Marvel books that are getting lost in the name of “new”. Everything Tom Katers warned against. All this is going to lead to is more reboots, more #1 issues, more stunt publishing, and less focus on simply writing good books.

    • You’re exactly right, the fact that this has so few pulls is a joke. This is one of the better books marvel has put out in a while and no-one checked it out cos they were to busy deciding which nu52 book they liked the least. It’s a shame people seem to be losing faith in marvel because of fear itself amongst other things (ridiculous numbering etc.) because they’re still putting out some great books, it’s just no-one can be bothered with them at the moment. Sad to see a book like this not get a chance to become an ongoing in favour of another avengers book or because someone stuck with a mediocre dc book instead.

    • Very true. I hope this can become an ongoing, but Cloak and Dagger aren’t big enough characters, and marvel is putting too much spotlight on their big event books, unlike books like this one.

    • Sucks that DC is putting out a terrible Hawk & Dove book (not to mention a ton of other books with undeserving characters/mediocre quality ), while this far superior book won’t see past a 3 issue mini.

      That’s how much the DC relaunch and the comic book world falling once again for “new” annoys me. There are a lot of books at Marvel, such as this one, that if they were a part of the “nu 52” would be considered break out hits or critical darlings. See another Spider-Island mini, the even less read Shang-Chi book, as another example.

      I got nothing against DC or it’s relaunch. But the way the overall comic reading audience has rewarded the mediocre to poor books from the relaunch while entirely ignoring much better books from other companies, just really rubs me the wrong way. Shows a lot of what’s wrong with the comic book industry to begin with.

    • C’mon, now. The lack of popularity of this book has NOTHING to do with DC. It’s Cloak and Dagger. They are cult favorite characters but they are by no means popular. If this book comes out two years ago it gets the same amount of attention.

  3. I’ve loved this story! I really hope to have more Cloak and Dagger. Maybe they’ll always be regulated to minis, but I love them each time they pop up, especially in their own stories.

  4. Rather than an ongoing, Marvel could try what they did with Hawkeye (after his ongoing failed). Release a series of mini’s. Hell, even a few one shots or a straight up graphic novel. I just feel like this would alleviate (some) of the pressure of the numbers required to support an ongoing. I know I’m not alone in saying that more of this, is definitely a good thing, and this was my first ever foray into C&D.

  5. Wow… so… that Spider-Island banner was really just a cash grab? Kind of hysterical. (I’m happy it doesn’t tie in, but c’mon!) Spencer did some excellent work here, probably my favorite of his work to come out of Marvel – but admittedly that’s not saying much. I’m really at a loss though as to what the point of this mini was other than swapping them around. it doesn’t feel like it was meant to be a mini, it wasn’t meant to be in Spider-Island… it kind of seems like they were going to back door this into an ongoing and the numbers weren’t there. Shame, this was pretty good.

    However, this book is not selling poorly because of the New 52. It’s selling poorly because it was always going to. The first issue (pre-Nu52) had 300 pulls. Hardly a glowing endorsement. The second issue was own to 270, This issue is just under 200. Quite a lot of people seem to have missed issue 2 along the way. Amongst all the other DC and Marvel and IDW books I had this week, I missed this twice before getting it in the digital app. There was a dip in the quality rating of Issue 2, with less readers. Perhaps many people chose not to come back for the last step. As it stands, this issue felt extremely light, a lot of space for Emma Rios to do great work, but very little dialogue or advancement. The bad guy just sort of… goes away.

  6. Yeah it didnt seem this book had anything to do with Spider island. I thought the story started strong, but felt this issue was not that good., maybe because it seemed rushed.

  7. Loved this issue and the whole mini. I would really go for a C&D ongoing. I know launching a title like C&D is tough in this market, but if the quality was as good as this mini, I bet it would be as least as big as Venom.

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