The fan-favorite, critically acclaimed team of Nick Spencer (IRON MAN 2.0) and Emma Rios (OSBORN) answers the overwhelming demands of readers, and puts the beloved heroes Cloak & Dagger back in action…in SPIDER-ISLAND!

Everyday citizens fall prey to a mysterious infestation, and Manhattan is quarantined! Cloak & Dagger are at the front line, in the streets. Thousands of people are gifted with great power…and it’s a disaster!

Story by Nick Spencer
Art by Emma Rios
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Mike Choi

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.9%
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I’ve been waiting for this one!!  Just re-read the C&D one shot from last year.  Looking forward to seeing what may be new with these two!

  2. Buying this only to support Cloak and Dagger. This creative team seems tailor made to this. Shame about it being a Spider Island crossover. 

  3. I’m curious but I don’t know if I feel like buying a new mini.

  4. The cover is cruddy, Nick Spencer isn’t a draw for me and I’m disappointed the D’orazio mini which was announced never hapenned. That art looked interesting.

    All this has going for it for me is Rios. I guess that decides it. Pass.

  5. I do want to pick this up, but as I’ve seen Spencer’s strenght is when he is writing his own thing, where as the tie-in book he has done thus far are not that strong. I think I’ll give this issue a try at lest.

  6. I love Cloak and Dagger, and the creative team is too good to pass up. I’m not buying Amazing Spider-Man, so hopefully I’ll understand this.

  7. Love the characters, like the creative team, like the idea of Spider-Island…

    Yeah, this is a gimme.

  8. Ah geez…. Cloak and Dagger are characters that (like Moon Knight) I keep wanting to like. Here’s hoping this book finally gives me some good stories to go with the killer concept.

  9. this book was great and everyone needs to buy it so I can get an ongoing from Spencer and Rios.

  10. This was great. Spider Island was a really afterthought in this. I wonder if this was supposed to be an independent mini like I had thought and Marvel figured they could get a few extra bucks off of it. 

  11. Loved this.

  12. Great issue. Fantastic Emma Rios art. I don’t think I’ve ever read an issue where Cloak, and Dagger where the main protagonist, but this was very solid. Excited to see where Spencer takes this. I Spencer I trust.

  13. After much deliberation between this and ‘Tec, this is my POTW.

    I love these characters and I’m a total sucker for dual narration. Besides, I KNEW Detective would be good, whereas I only HOPED this would be awesome.

    And it was. I would not be against an ongoing with this team. Just good comics.

  14. This issue was surprisingly great! I always thought C&D were kind of goofy, but Spencer and Rios did a great job. I agree, these two need their own series with Spencer and Rios doing it. 

  15. This was great! I really felt drawn to the characters and was instantly engaged in their stories. I really wanted more. Pretty close to my POW> 5’s all around. 

    To all those lammenting the lack of female creators…Emma Rios…damn that work was awesome.  

  16. This book was gorgeous, i’ve been waiting for a cloak and dagger series for ages, realy hope this can turn into an ongoing by this team.

  17. This was my POTW. Great characters, great story, great art, what more do you need? I want this creative team on a monthly Cloak and Dagger book ASAP!

  18. Solid. Spencer really made Cloak and Dagger relatable, and while the art wasnt necesarilly my favorite style, it was good and I defintley see what people like about it.

  19. This was a great book! Spencer nails the heavy relationship between C & D, plus Emma Rios is an artist more people should be demanding. It’s just too bad this is a limited series. With a team like this, I don’t see how this book can lose. This, Venom, and Deconnicks I (spider) New York are the only Spider-Island books i’m checking out. I’m not even going to read the main storyline.

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