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Ana Kravinoff explodes onto the scene to prove to her father, Kraven the Hunter, that she’s worthy of the family name by taking down one of the Spider family, and Spider-Girl is her chosen prey! Looks like Spider-Girl isn’t the only one with father issues, and the Grim Hunt isn’t quite over… not if Ana Kravinoff has her way!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: GRIM HUNT’s Matthew Southworth joins Paul Tobin for this two-part Spider-Epic!

Story by Paul Tobin
Art by Matthew Southworth & Paul Azaceta
Colors by Chris Sotomayor & Andres Mossa
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Jelena Djurdjevic

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. A two part epic, eh? I don’t know if I can commit to buying every issue.

  2. I just noticed how few people have pulled this. Seriously, why isn’t this series selling better? It’s really good!

  3. @okc  True that man, This is book is really good.
    Sales might be low because of how odd issue two was, or that she is a C-list teen character.

    But you know what I want to see now. I want a team-up between her and the New Powerman.

  4. @JoeCom – Hmm… I dropped it after issue 2, even though I loved issue 1. Am I to understand that #3 was back on track?

  5. The issue was pretty good, but it refers back the Kraven arc that I skipped over. The art, however, was pretty bad. There’s a panel where Anya has two dots and a parenthesis for a face! In a panel where there was enough room for a face! 4/5, but that’s a little generous. I still have yet to be wowed by this book the way I was from the first issue.

  6. I keep forgetting how good this book is. Every week, I’m like, “I’m still buying this?” and then I finish reading the issue and I’m all, “*That’s* why I’m still buying this!” It’s weird, but it consistantly delivers every month.

    I hope the sales are good. Comics can certainly use more well-written female, non-white protagonists.

  7. @Diabhol I was very happy to see Anya colored correctly this issue. The first three she tended to look White and not has dark skinned as she was as Arana.

  8. This was awesome. Especially the art (Except the last splash page. Anatomy.) I really loved when Spider-girl’s punch broke the panel.

  9. I found the art to be pretty poor.  Whilst there were some nice panels, it was very inconsistant.  Characters had line drawn faces and backgrounds in some panels weren’t there. It seemed muddy which doesn’t suit such a modern story; made the twitter updates seem really out of place.

  10. @Anthony Thinking back on it it wasn’t very consistant. I know the black girl seemed like she was 40 half the time. I liked the composition most of the time. But the anatomy and faces were rough.

  11. @Minion  The layouts were nice, I can’t complain about the composition.  I just couldn’t help feeling that the art was rushed.  It really didn’t suit the writing.  The first three issues had cleaner art which I think suited the modern aesthetic of the story.  I guess muddier art suits how SG is feeling in the issue, but I ended up being pretty disapointed in the issue.  Art aside, the story didn’t really progress at all.  I have only got onto ASM since Big Time started so couldn’t really understand the Kraven’s motives which left the issue feeling empty.

  12. i agree with alot of u.I did not like the art in this issue.Anya looked better and so did the other chracters in issue 3.I felt the art did not much the characters and i think the art here was more suited for a fantasy book.Hope we get better art like we did in issue 2,anyone know? BTW i like this series and hope it does better.I liked Anya ever since i seen her in Ms. Marvel.

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